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Why do some video game developers think that game length = game value. I have already lost count of how many times i just put the game down because 30 or 40 hours in you just realize that you are nowhere near the end and gameplay just grows more and more stale…


some corona observations

wearing a facemask, with a longtime unshaven beard seems like a questionable decision :thinking:
wearing a facemask, sneezing suddenly becomes an interesting varied event :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
wearing a facemask … a bunch of danes is every bit as stupid as other countries/people :man_facepalming: :confounded:


So bored and lonely. I mean happy that I have time to do stuff like draw and that but like bored still. The way things are going it’s probably gonna be like this still for quite a whilee


Aw… my poor pupper pets gently. Miss going out?


Yea, It bytes. But the alternative is even worse so we all have to be strong. If we blow it, it affects everyone you know…:hugs:


Just some art i made back in High School during tech class…




A nice musical knickknack.


Wearing asphyxiating, dehydrating plastic over my face…

An hour later I’m in a bad state of mind due to dehydration, exhaustion and heat-induced rage.


If I must, it’ll be a SCARF I wear.


Edit: Falsely flagged. Original post archived.


Find a more comfy mask - not breathing well does scuk.

If you’re like a distance away from people, get a drink of water or something. Last trip into town I took water and it saved me. Srsly, it’s really hot out lately, everywhere it seems.

Also, it’s more about not getting droplets from coughing or sneezing on other people on the chance that you might be sick. The virus plays possum for about 2 weeks before you even know you have it. Wearing a face covering isn’t about free will - it’s about trying to keep the spread of the virus down and it’s a cautionary measure for you too.

People in Asian countries wear masks when they have colds etc, and it’s a regular thing for them. I dunno if a a good scarf would work, but it’s better than nothing until you find a more comfortable form of face cover or mask.


Serious answer: people who’ve only played good games assume asking for a longer game means not that there would be more grind, but more content, and that it would match the quality of the rest of the game without disrupting the pacing/difficulty curve/etc. (I used to be one of these people). Plus, there were quite a few PS3/Xbox 360 games that charged $60 but only lasted for four hours, as Angry Joe famously pointed out.

Both scenarios would lead people to say some variation of “this game should be longer [given its price],” and as I’m sure we know by now, publishers tend to learn the wrong lessons from feedback.


If you’re like me and noticed that you’re getting news you don’t want in your Windows 10 search bar here is a fix for you:

Open regedit.exe

Navigate to
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search (you can copy-paste it into folder box at the top.)

Right click, hover over new, and then click on “D-Word (32-bit) value”, double click the new value and name it BingSearchEnabled. Verify the data value is 0x000000000 (0).

Close regedit.exe (you may need to restart for it to take effect)

I think you might also have to disable cortana as well.


Yeah a bit ye
Also just feels like everyday a bit samey and that kinda makes u dying to go out lol. It’s weird to think of how normality went just like that and I didn’t think id be working from home for this long. But I wouldn’t wanna go back either until things get at least almost normal.


This I saw a couple of weeks ago, nothing major, just Valve clarifying their rules:

When I log into Steam today:

Smart work around. :rofl:


i mean it makes totally sense imo, we saw it in the beginning where games that had been either listed or down right pre-purchasble on steam wiped their store page of steam stuff and down right promoted to the competitor as they had taken that exclusivity money - which i think is fairly duplicitous. Sure take the deal, but comn dont freakin market it like that on the store you just left lol, seems like a wrong way to take advantage of (now unrelated) store space


RE: EA Play:

Steam get 30% cut.


anything that gets EA less money is good


It’s not even a hit for EA, let us be real here.

Like, the net loss is so small it may as well be none. Like, non-zero.

Otherwise, SidAlpha would be cheering. He’s not. lolz


Dieing here :smiley:


are magnets communism or socialism? :thinking: