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I think if you add it, remove it, and add it again, it will add one more entry.

One time Steam was glitching on me and I clicked on a game to add to Wishlist about 5 times before it finally showed me the check mark. And in the activity, it showed that I wishlisted it a bunch of times. :rofl:


Oh, Joy…


oh nuts…


Sounds lovely, I wonder if we’ll get anything similar. Last years winter was a sorry bare grounds affair.
Although I have to wonder how they are making those predictions.


with groundhogs and shit :joy:


Oh i wish for a decent winter…


Yeeeeeeees, hopefully DD2 is coming in the future too, such an incredible game!


First week after a decent holiday is so hard at work… I can hardly force myself to do anything productive . All i can think of is having a snack and going for a nap , lol .


Ever feel like a conversation killer? Have posted every week in my course for guitar. Hardly any views and never a reply, not a single one.

Problem is that you need peer reviews to pass the course. Mega depressed atm. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong and what do next.


Do you need input from someone actually in the course or does anyone count? I have a couple of friends who play the guitar at varying levels, could see if any of them could help evaluate you.


Yup. Has to be someone registered in the course. Guess I’ll hope for someone to see before day’s end. If not shrug, I did what I could do, you know?

And hey, I really appreciate the offer. Hm. If I don’t get feedback from peers, your friends could probably still give me some good critiques. That’s valuable fore me, course grade aside.


Well my cookies are crumbled. The last day for review is today, with the day starting at 3 am ast. Two hours from this post. So I thought I had another day- wrong. sigh Only one song is kinda okay and the other sucked. Did put in a lot of effort, just might not be enough. With luck, I’ll get 1 point of 4 for the review.

Can’t fail the course, I don’t think, but we’ll see. Coursera has changed a lot since I was there last.


That sounds like a pretty flawed system tbh.

That’s why you have educators/teachers. Not only to actually teach you but also to judge and rate everyone objectively.


“Poke me, Dip me, Poke me, Dip me, AAAAAH! Poke me, AAAAAH! Dip me, AAAAAH!!” lolz



All the videos are pre-made and recorded, so, we never really interact with them. There are supposed to be TA’s but I haven’t seen much from them in this course. Perhaps that’s another change or just because of the current times. There were 2 live webinars for the course, but that had a focus for people trying to get into the Berklee School of Music, so no dice there. Hm.

On the other hand, the certificates you earn aren’t really good much, other than a confirmation that you completed the course.

Coursera now is really like one big ad for the different universities and colleges that offer mini courses, created by the instructors who work at X uni and Y college. It gives you a taste of what they offer and as a bonus, you are taught some stuff for free, by highly qualified tutors.

Flawed system yes. I got a 4 of 4 for my assignments because a reviewer was being kind. It doesn’t matter since this isn’t official certification (read a bit more deeply into FAQs), but yea, flawed.

Also the best way to do it, since no tutor or TA will sit there and evaluate hundreds of assignments from students doing a free course.


This… is great! Make your own Wii handheld


… fuck cancer :unamused:


It’s related to the news today isn’t it?


gets up at 7 and just casually opens twitter and then it’s just plastered all over all feeds
2020 just keeps on givin huh…