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i wonder how many antimask Karens/Darrens are also xyz conspiracy theorists - flat earther, antivaxxer, Qanoner, SovCit dumbos etc :thinking:


Ha. This is older country though, back when it was decent.

He doesn’t have the correct pacing and especially voice tone for current pop country (current country music sucks - fite me).

Props to him though, did a pretty good job.


Yup and yes indeed! That’s the sort of country I prefer, not the boing boing pop stuff. It really was good. ^^


You made me remember this Japanese group who sings “Pagode”, which is a subgenre of Samba originated from Brazil, and it’s something I wouldn’t expect to see outside of Brazil. They also sing in portuguese. lol

And I just found this one too while googling the above, not only we have Japanese but Korean too.

It’s not particularly my cup of tea of a genre, but they’re all pretty good at it. And their accent makes it even more unique. haha


Wow, that was fun and yea, unexpected. Never heard of this genre before, but without speaking Portuguese myself, they sound pretty good.

The three guys in the next video, they’re precious, lol. It’s really good to this see kind of thing. Music is universal; you love what you love. ^^


Oh yeah; I have that one. And all the DLC (got it on sale of course).
I don’t play it that often though. I did a lot of playing but, well…burnout, ya know…

“Kliptopic Flipple Waver Syndrome?”
“Uh, bleep, bleep?”
“Adolescent Skin Hardening Syndrome; it’s caused by kids trying too hard.”
“That’s a lie; I never heard of that!”

First one to guess the source of those quoted lines gets a cookie.


This is so NICE! It was one of my favorite RTS of all time, I even replayed it a few years ago. But this is a cherry on the cake. Rohirrim!


Oh well, what a shame they used Unreal engine. Now it wont work on Apple devices : )


Why is that though?


The on-going Fornite v Apple + Google fight that’s escalating to seemingly the point of no return.


That kinda sucks given that Infinity Blade was an iOS exclusive with a China only Xbox One release by Tencent (insert witty jab here). It looked pretty fun and shame it never had an official Android release at any point.
If it makes you feel any better, there are still alternatives to choose from: Unity is particularly popular for mobile development for a reason I suppose.


sooo, apparently it’s thursday, not friday :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? :no_mouth:
yaiks :grimacing:


Well, it is Friday now.


Yah, the feels. It so is acting like Friday today. Also, I want icecream. Mew.


Staying under the covers, pulling your pillow a further down towards the middle, letting your feet hang over the edge of the bed, sincere thought: “I’m almost up”.



Pretty salty rant below so you have been warned

Okey , so seriously, fuck Vampyr. Fuck it.
Not only it took me 3 days digging around the internet to make it sort of work on my pretty bulky PC , look for ways to disable its numerous stupid forced visual effects like film grain , remove that ridiculous 60 fps lock , NOW IT GOT THE ONLY SAVE FILE IT HAS CORRUPTED and 30 hours of progress lost. 2020 and all devs managed was a single save file with has backup which saves at the very same moment as main save file so if something goes wrong it’s useless.

I’m done with this mess. Avoid it.


Are we talking about Jap cover bands?


wow man, that rly sucks

i thought i had run into the same issue with Control a week ago, was rly pissed when it said it coudn’t retrieve the cloud save or something (and it didnt give me an option to go with a local save), but it did give me the option to load from the mission list ingame, so in the end i only lost about 1h or so

and even then, the only reason i lost an hour is for some reason they don’t include the dlc missions in the mission list, so i basically had to start the dlc from scratch


We could, hee hee. Love Slowpoke too. Good water Pokemon.


This seems to be a thing

Speculations of course, but content for a sequel is abundant haha. I sure hope it is, because Borat is one of a kind. This was captured by someone on the streets of California.