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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



I call it the Ball of Fire, :laughing: Tis hot indeed and we’re not even in good ole Australia. sigh

We needs an igloo. It just might last, even in this sort of open world sauna. O_o


Right now where I live I am in the single digits (in °C), so quite chilly in some parts of Aus.


Sounds like a bliss actually.


Eternal Destiny’s weekly challenges are so much fun some weeks.


So i had a plan to finish up few games i’ve been slowly chipping away at during my vacation… what does this silly sloth do instead? Buys more games to slowly chip away at…


you know, increasing the backlog is waaay more important than finishing it :smile: (not speaking as a bundle hoarder) :rofl:


We build the backlog not to finish it, but so we can pass down as heritage.


This makes me very happy…:joy:


“in today’s weather forecast, temperatures will be up to about”…


I don’t know why. But youtube is showing me nostalgia. Things I’ve seen years and years ago. And I mean back in the days when you would log in to youtube and be able to see all the content created for the day.

I will show you the last two I saw just today. Enjoy the past.

I don’t know what youtube is doing. But something is definitely going on. Looking back in my youtube history from a decade ago? So weird.


wait wait wait… so they are pulling the “wasn’t born in america”/show me the birth certificate distract, again ? ? :thinking: … like seriously ? :no_mouth: serious? ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
:rofl: :joy:
oh sweet jeebers :man_facepalming: i can’t wait for the day Flat Earth is taught as compulsory class in schools along with the Qanon curriculum :laughing:


Got some context to go along with the incredulity?
Actually never mind, I don’t even want to know.


sometime you open twitter and is just immediately bombarded with weird stuff, specially when you are following an american acc, in time of/near an election :smile:


Ah, that’s where you went wrong.


oh boy yes, and yet i can’t stop… “you” know it’s bad for you but just can’t stop, gotta take that peek in the crazy factory and see what stirs - even if it lets you facepalm and question your choices in life :smile:

… and sometimes kittens :blush:



to be fair, context should be quite clear just from the news too though


I think we all need one of these for THIS year:



Was thinking: “Are there any Japanese country and western singers?” Asked Google.

Now I have to find more. :XD


Inb4 the inevitable racist inplication/rant


Hm? I was expecting the usual “cultural appropriation” biases to appear.