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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



@Gnuffi, @M00 thumbs up

Candy run approved. Never saw Dracula or licorice tokens before. I’m an odd duck who actually likes licorice. Mew! Most people I know look at me funny. Great sadness when I only found a tasty licorice flavoured tea here once. Now, can’t remember the name anymore.


ye i love liquorice myself, which is not that uncommon here compared to many other countries apparently. The “stronger” or saltier the better usually, only the dracula fits that here this time tho, the tokens are fairly mild and sweet/“kid’s liquorice” heheh


Looks like someone is going to candy island


Power cut here ahhh good thing its light and summer


A really nice sugar high…


Don’t get me started on candy…lmfao

Actually…I’m not that hyped about it but I do have my faves.

If I were to get into those, though…

You’d be here all day reading them…lolz





Gnuffi wins.


what’s the prize ? :thinking: diabetes ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:


@Gnuffi @M00 Both can cOmE To bRAziL and build yourselves an empire of candy, since candy pretty cheap and you could get a lot more here with that amount of money. :rofl:




I wanted to know how they made the croc. in Rogue looks so real. Found out. Skip 6:25 and onward if you’re squeamish. They do warn you first too. Before that is all the cool sculpting and mechanical stuff.


Two more days until my time off/vocation …



It seems another Australian killer croc movie just came out. I have not seen Rouge nor this new movie so I can’t vouch for its quality (I think this new one is getting pretty meh reviews).

I believe this one is also a sequel to a movie that came out the same year as Rogue.


I know a couple of fellows who I think have seen it. They refused to say much about it though and they are very insistent on not letting anyone else see it.

I think they formed a weird club around it.


@Fraggles and @PeteMcc Yah, haven’t heard anything good about Abyss either, it does seem like a follow-up of some kind.

Also it seems they made multiples of Lake Placid. They could have stopped at the first tbh. Betty White was the best thing in that one; not much crocodile in it. Tis why I like Rogue - that animatronics and the beast itself, such a work of art. :slight_smile: Water didn’t win that time. lol


Rush 2112.

It fits well with current events. Too well.

I’d talk about how and where I feel I fit in, but I won’t since a lot of people tend to make me feel bad for feeling/thinking that way, worse than I already do.





I found out crocs make sounds.


the day i found out about turtle sounds was the day everything else in nature probably ceased to be able to top it

that’s just the most glorious thing ever
- and she looks so thoroughly uninterested on top :rofl: :joy:


so - hot
omg - i’m - melting
send - ice, AC, or polar winds - plox

… update: dang, i’m so ripe, this year’s bath might have to come earlier :unamused:

day 43, 2nd update: “the shower did me good, but i fear if this wave of Hell’s breath continues i will run out of water soon if it forces triple baths a day.
Oh lord sweet mercy what horrible acts could a man possible have done to deserve such torment, surely noone else truly knows suffering like i, woe is me. Might just be dehydration and dizziness but i’d swear i actually hear the nymphs play a mourning violin to my struggles, as the temperature rises filling the air with with a unpleasant thickness surely only known in the sulphurous atmosphere of The Pit of Despair.
There is no respite, even the shade offers little shelter from this blistering ambience of punishment that allows no rest or comfort.
There is no ice, it is as if a fable lost, an abstract concept off fairy tales to relinquish not but feeble desperate crystalined relief before evaporating back into the very air said mythical object’s origin sprung from
… all hope is lost, and there is nought but to wait as the 28c slowly but surely vaporizes the final remnants of my being’s precious Aqua de Vida droplets…
Hearken thee such a warning; never consider residence below the arctic belt without assuredly comfort in thine valuable AerationConditioner, lest ye suffer immense anguish to the big yellow Lucifer offspring of purgatory in the heavens”