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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



cuz it’s actually trying to eat your teeth instead


The caramel bonds to calcium.


Computer decided to just take a nose dive. Hopefully restoring a previous image will get it back to a working condition. Not the first time this has happened either. It only has been about a month or two since the exact same problem happened and I had just fixed that. This is so much fun… yayyyyyyyyyy.


Took me 6 or so months to notice that i mounted my CPU cooler upsidedown :smiley:


That sounds really nice. I will hold you to that. Gonna have to do another. Last 3 or 4 days I’ve not been feeling too good so I’m down for a few more. :grin: :heart:


Computer is back up and running! Hopefully it will actually last longer this time.


dance dance!


And THIS is the time to start backing stuff up. Just ask @Danacscott. She lost a bunch of games and things.


Pretty much me most of the work days.


Broken and blank?


Planning what i will play after i’m back from work just to simply realize i’m too damn tired to game anyway.


Me trying to push to play a little…

Launch Isaac.

2 hours later, wake up, drooling all over, controller nowhere to be found, still in the starting room, my wife laughing at my casual nap. She’s always amazed at the tortuous ways I fall asleep in my computer chair.


I sometimes just sit down for ‘couple of minutes’ next to my girlfriend while shewatches some cooking show realizing two hours later i’m still sitting there because i’m just too darn lazy/tired/unmotivated to move lol.


:rofl: I’m with her. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, but unless it’s an easy chair, how on earth do you manage? Does it hurt your back? O_o


I have something kind of like this. It is decently cushy and has a pretty high back. So I lean back with my back, but my head either falls to the side or dangles in front… lol.


Hello,brother :smiley:


I approve, haha!



Mine looks like this:


LOL! There’s noway I can fall asleep in that, not safely anyway. Probably topple over.