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Things the quarentine do to you: while searching for an old show I’ve watched as a kid in Brazil I’ve found out that it also aired in USA, and I’ve been watching two clips of it in a loop.

plz send help…


TV Cruj?


Garganta e Torcicolo at MTV Brazil. It turns out the show was exported as Throut & Neck to US but it floped there, while in here it lasted for an year.

TV Cruj was also a good part of my childhood, and I think I’ll check on that later.


Starting in a few minutes, might not be too dramatic, but I will be out looking to try to see. :smiley:


They are saying it’s practically unnoticeable without optics.


Yeah, I am just going to be chilling outside with my wife in the backyard, so no big deal. Beer in hand, all is good. :smiley:


Well, we stayed out for an hour, the moon looks no different. We played around with a few pieces of ground-based fireworks (nothing that goes up into the air) and decided to come back in.


I’ve never heard of that one, and I used to watch MTV a lot, lol yeah my guess was too far.


It has even an Youtube channel dedicated to it -

That show was exclusive to Brazil, until it got exported later on to US and airing on the Game Show Network.


I do remember João Gordo, but only from his later stuff, my guess is that I started watching MTV at around 2000, and wiki says this program only aired until 1998, missed it by a couple years. :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting show to say the least, the interactivity seems awesome.


0 energy drinks left, fml, i quit, gonna hide under the bed covers and never come out again :flushed:


Maybe you will get some much-needed sleep.


The amount of dog turns I do before falling asleep, maybe light stretching is a good idea before clambering into bed. :thinking:


Yeah, I’ve watched it in my tube TV, and the signal was bad but I could watch it without too much trouble. This is where I met him, and nowadays he’s been doing fine, as well as Rebecca Grant.

Yeah, that show was great, and it pretty much predates online multiplayer games as we know nowadays just like DOOM did.
It’d be interesting if they made a comeback with better prizes and more interactivity.


It’s called a tripod fish. A fish with legs and antennae? What a weird deep sea animal.



I immediately thought of the one weird enemy from AVGN Adventures that’s a fish-headed, television on legs. lmfao


So it seems we are getting ‘new’ ‘atari’ 'console ’ … Yeah all those brackets are deliberate.


Been feeling quite tired and sick the past two days. Nothing too bad. I should really get some sleep.


hugs Me too. Let’s agree to cat nap today. :heart:


why does caramel stick to the teeth so bad?
it’s like candy that doesn’t want to be eaten :no_mouth: