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I finally have a (relatively) decent gaming monitor! First time in my life! Up to now was using a Samsung 720 p 32 inch TV, lol

I was a bit worried the curve would be annoying for work, but i honestly dont even realize it’s there most of the time, so it’s awesome. Would’ve loved to get 1440p ofc but this will have to do atm (my priorities were to get at least 1080 p and especially move up from 60 hz to higher, and this is 165), and that’s fine. It’s a great upgrade as is, I feel. Perhaps in a few years I’ll see.

I also got this:

cuz my middle mouse button (the click function of it) on my deathadder has been broken for years, which is rly a problem when gaming, and some of the cover on the bottom had begun to deteriorate, which would destroy my mouse pads.

I rly wanted to get another deathadder but this thing costs 1/3 of it, and money’s always limited with schools and shit.

I rly don’t like the fact that the side buttons are on top instead of on the side.

Also, there’s no 400 dpi option, which is rly weird to me, closest is 500. (actually, never mind, you can do it. It’s just not one of the presets.)


Congrats! I think you will see a dramatic difference between the two. :smiley:


Sweetness! I’m craving a curved monitor myself. I hope you’re enjoying the heck out of it. ^^


Though there are no good (and by good i mean objective ) reasons to get one. Curving monitor is actually cheating from manufacturer :smiley:


Eh? What chu talking 'bout, Willis? (American Tv joke, eh heh)


They are more expensive and if you want to get any real benefit from that curvature you need to go big. Something like 32 inches. Add ISP panel , 1440p and 144hz to the mix and you are looking at a insane cost.

You also need to be directly in front of it, mounting it on wall is a bad idea and you can also forget about multi-monitor setup.

So yeah, this might be just my distaste for curved monitors but i dont see much point in them.


Yea…Novelty…Like wasting your money on a 3D TV.



Huh, I was thinking it’d give you more immersion, looking down into the screen more so that left and right with a flat screen (as I tend to do).


That it does,but only if it’s a big boi.

I guess it’s just not for me :smiley:


If I can get - i’d like a 27" - don’t plan to wall mount. Computer store I’d buy from seems closed still though - all circuits are busy, both lines. Herm.


Well you do you ofc but i reckon 27” is too small for curved monitor.

But dont listen to me :smiley: i now feel bad for trying to ruin your dreams… :smiley:


Ah… no worries mein sloth pets fondly Turns out the store here, (got through a bit ago) - ALL the curved 24" monitors sold out. No word on restock. I’m gonna to have to be patient until at least next month. sigh Maybe a nice sale will occur later this year. We’ll see.


yeah, that’s the size i have; it’s great (a bit huge to sit at, lol, but u get used to it, and it does have it’s advantages rly, u can use it like a twin monitor setup almost [rly handy for translating, for example, or having to browsers open side by side, like i use a different one specifically for work])

I don’t know about that. Of course i sit right in front of it to work and play, but my wife sits to the side, and she sees fine, no issues at all (it’s a bit less illuminated for her [i checked myself] but that’s it). of course, it could be you’re talking about vertical rather than horizontal issues since you mention wall mounting

the reason i use such a big screen is cuz we also use it to watch stuff from our bed, which ofc is way further, though it is right behind it, but there’s no real high difference their either (just a bit, but no issues whatsoever with that)


If I have 3 feet between bed and desk area (built in space), that’s a lot. I don’ t have the real estate for a super large screen.


that’s exaclty what i have, but then there’s also 6 feet to the head of the bed, where your head is :joy:


I sit 2 feet from my 32 inch monitor, and it took quite some time to get used to, I upgraded from 24 inches and I was amazed at the screen real estate.

Me on my laptop: okay, decent playing full screen: 17 inches.

Me on my computer after game launches in a FHD window that occupies 1/4 of the screen instead of a borderless or fullscreen: WTF is this crap, can’t see shit: It’s only 16 inches diagonal stretch.

Funny how the brain interprets things.


I have a 17" LCD monitor. It’s fine for what I need…well…if I were to get bigger I wouldn’t have room for something as large as 32" on this small desk in this small room…

I know; I am behind everything.
Being underprivileged, it’s a thing, and you bet your arse I hate it.


everything is relative

I’m 40 years old, never had the money to buy a good pc till a friend sold me his on down payments a few years ago, for example.

I dont know how old u r, but from what i understood u still live with yr parents, might still be a student even.

you shouldn’t talk about being underprivileged. it’s a cliche, but there still are ppl literally dying from hunger

ppl almost never realize how good they have it till they lose it


Yeppers, things can change in 6 months…look at what is going on now…half the population has lost their jobs or their lives…


Feels good to buy stuff for others…