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decided to take some intermittent breaks from Grim Dawn and play some more Hollow Knight since @Rhyagelle mentioned it. And i’m in absolute glee once more, such a wonderful little gem, fantastic little world of bugs to delve through… - and boi am i rusty :sweat_smile:


The pokemon sword game I ordered just arrived at my house


Pictures…Or it didn’t happen :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


note to self, don’t allow your 12-year-old to mess with something plumbing-related just cuz he thinks he can handle it :man_facepalming:

(it’s not like I was going to let him fix somehting; i’m not that dumb. It’s just that something was iffy so I had told them to stop using it and i somehow let him convince me that it would be fine :joy: that’s what happens when they talk to me about shit while i’m dealing with deadlines; the result: a missed deadline :joy:)

where’s that time machine? @delenn13


Try this…


True story


We are really trying…Just got to convince the knuckleheads to comply…


A friend sent me this since it’s Canada Day today. No fireworks etc but Hey we are alive…


That means people are inside, so not shiny, but still a good thing. How do ya’ll usually celebrate?


BBQs, Parties, at the beach or a park, a parade, concerts, events around town and then at night lots of fireworks.


Wow, that’s a super big to do - it’s like an Independence Day level celebration. ^^ What’s like a traditional Canadian food for such times?


Exactly …but for Canada.

Pancakes with Canadian made Syrup, pea meal bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, ribs and poutine.


oooh Never did chips with gravy… Hm… How can I move to Canada for a while? lol


Right now? Can’t. Our borders are closed but for essential traveling. And you needing to try poutine probably is not a good enough reason.


Yah. Truth. Potatoes are arguably a staple food, but not exclusive to Canada. wink Sorry no fireworks for you today though. :hugs:


actually, saw some article (like a month ago) Americans are vacationing in Canada atm , how? all they have to do is say they’re crossing over to Alaska and they have to let them through at the border


We have a lot of people from the states that OWN summer properties on our gorgeous lakes and since they are property owners(and PAY taxes) and as long as they self isolated for 14 days they can come over. People have been fined for NOT doing it too.


The hubby just sent me this…Was disappointed…No mention of milk bags(Totally freaked me out when I saw them).






You scared me! I was looking at this weird sample under the microscope…