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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



omg cookies !!!

, - iii’m gonna feel like such a chonk today :yum:


I had to see this before leaving home for the supermarket. Oh well, something unlisted may come home with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be keeping that for archival purposes.
(a habit people should be keeping strong)


Dude… that was supposed to me in a PM. I came home tired, but what the actual… Thread apologies. T_T


*cough cough lost media cough


Like Devotion. I get what happened, but meh an entire game gone for a few seconds of footage that was taken out.


Well…if it is ever needed because of (whatever reason for loss), you have a remote backup now. So, yeah, win-win…(?)

Also, I’m not a surfer. ‘Dude’ is a surfer term.


Np. People end up dude and ‘hon’ at random times. No offense intended.


always fun waiting hours for a prescription written that literally takes less than 5 real-time minutes to type in :unamused:


… and then she didn’t even fill in the prescription so a trip to the pharmacy was half wasted :man_facepalming: :angry:


Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up if you wanted Griftlands but didn’t pick it up yet they will raise the price of the game on the 20th. It’s currently $14.99 and will be $19.99 by then.


I guess it was selling too good so they decided to shoot themselves in foot?


No it’s pretty standard practice to have a lower price during early access and raise it as the game becomes more feature complete.


I think I am done picking up deck-building roguelites until I have had proper time to go back and spend more time with Slay the Spire.


They are darn addictive…


Slowly but surely…


@DontBeSilly @Fraggles
Always a good practice to check these info on EA titles


But from the looks of this one, it doesn’t look like it was a planned thing, the message is very specific so they probably decided to raise now. If they warned about potential price increases when it launched on EA I’m not sure.


Eh. It’s fine. The ones that would potentially be offended are those that coined the term in the first place to refer to one another, the surfers themselves.

I don’t know if a single one of them is alive now; I do know that one of the last of the original ‘Surfer Dudes’ passed away back in 2019. RIP Dick Dale…


If you enjoy this game, and love deck-building, you should pick up monster train! :blush: Very similar to Slay the Spire except it’s a train and you’re the monsters!


Your place looks incredible :star_struck: :sunflower: