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The worse bit is, that the I got gifted to give away are likely in the same place - I had one keys folder. Cute stuff in that list too, like Warden, Melody of the Undergrowth. I feel like an idiot. I feel sick.


Started Recuva… If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to purchase the other software to get my stuff back.


So I’m shaken. I said something to an acquaintance online that I thought was an okay guy. He went ape ykw on me when I made a comment that he chose to take personally and misunderstand.

When I tried to explain what I mean, he told me “stop explaining it like he was a 5 year old… or perhaps you are”

So yeah, he then complained that I’d been ignoring him all day - when I told him I was busy before hand and what I was doing. High horse much? shrug I don’t why he thought I “owed” him my time when he requested it, because we have not been chatting online that long.

Maybe I’m too nice sometimes? I dunno. When he said: Ok take care, bye. I simply said goodbye because in my view, I won’t submit to someone’s temper tantrum; to manipulate me into feeling bad about the situation, when

a) I tried to explain myself and he didn’t listen
b) He decided that “It’s clear you’re happy doing what you’re doing and then accusing me of such a HEINOUS thing ON TOP of ignoring me all day …” So when he decided I wasn’t worth his time and said “bye”, in my view, I said “Goodbye” in agreement.

I don’t argue with walls. I’m truly shaken up by that sudden turn of events and it’s not been an easy week - very high stress. Just wanted to let someone know. He’s deleted me on Steam, perhaps on Discord too. I certainly hope so, because his attitude comes of as controlling and entitled to me suddenly…


If someone is not willing to hear you out to give you the opportunity to correct a misunderstanding then they’re rarely worth the effort to do so.

Had someone I thought was a long time friend pull a similar stunt on me a few years back and at the time I thought it was a shame I lost a friend just like that, only to realize later that my number of friends had not changed. It was merely an accounting error self correcting.


Whoa. That is perspective… Fraggles just did a mic drop.


you are you, spend your time how you wish to spend your time. you don’t owe anyone else your time, and you don’t need to explain it to anyone how you choose to spend your time, whether it’s being busy or simply doing something on your time, at your leisure, and ignoring the rest of the world. The internet mask certainly makes people say things that they may not otherwise in person.

Anyway, that’s the kind of person I would unfriend + block. Would feel like a waste of my time and any efforts to converse with him…

:+1: :clap:


Does unfriend not also cover blocking someone on Steam?


well, block prevents them from adding you again, but it also stops them from commenting on your posts/screenshots/guides/etc. So it’s a great way if someone’s trolling your content and you just prevent them from doing it any more. All that community stuff is public, so people who’s not your friend can still see them and comment.


My thoughts:

You aren’t really missing out on anything. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it at all. It’s entirely that dude’s problem. For some reason, he got into his head that he’s all important and amazing. With that he thinks, in effect, that it is a privilege to be a “friend” with him and, as such, he is being a disservice to you by “unfriending” you. As Frags said, you haven’t lost a friend. Rather, you have, as many would put it, “dodged a bullet”. He’s a self entitled jackass


Ah… Okay… Will block then, because as I said to him just the other day, I only like drama in TV shows, not my real life. hugs Mao :heart:

@Fraggles Thank you. :heart:

@Pylinaer Tis true, smurf. Not worth worry, I just felt sucker punched, in spite of the little red flags going off in my head from some of the things he had previously said.


Man, sorry to hear that. The internet can make people be such jerks. He’s not worth your time and he sounds pretty entitled. So you don’t need the drama…We got enough IRL right now. So huggles and Move on…:sparkling_heart:


:heart: :hugs: Talking big for knowing me less than 5 days, so yes, no more stressing for me. I got lots of good peeps here. =^_^=


I grew up with this song. I knew a few too…


I don’t know if this is the same, but I feel I kind of had a similar situation this week, but slightly different. A family member accused me of doing something wrong, I had told them the truth of the situation and hoped they could see the misunderstanding.
Later that day I called them that day in regards to a related incident where I felt they had done something wrong to apologise for my reaction, they tell me that I misunderstood something and that I have to trust what they said, so I agreed to this.
Later in the same call they bring up the same false claims they made earlier still saying I had done something wrong, ignoring my statement to the contrary from earlier. I tell them they have double standards, requesting trust from me but not trusting me in return, they apologise.
About a week goes by and we are talking again and they bring up the same false claims. This got me really, really annoyed, I honestly thought we had got to a point where they had believed me but they had decided to make their own narrative and stick to it, they could have easily asked me for proof of my statement but they didn’t. So all I did was show them my proof, tell them I was annoyed with them and cut my conversation short, honestly no point going further from there.
Now they are family so I will have to forgive them at some point, but for now I think just leaving some distance will be good.


That is one thing that gets my goat too:when people bring back up stuff, that they claimed was water under the bridge - makes you feel, franked, lied to, >> In your case, it wasn’t even a reasonable grudge to hold.

Distance sounds good, and hopefully with time, they’ll forget that particular topic, since they’re not keen to let it go (at first glance, if I understood). Kudos for wanting to forgive them and more if you actually manage it. :heart:

Situation isn’t the same, but yea, it sucks when you try to explain your POV and people just won’t hear it. In my case, I may forgive the dude, in a way that you do, just to let go of any negative things I feel, but to the point of restarting our acquaintance, for me: Heck no, lol.

Hope you get to settle things with your family. Thanks for sharing your experience. You’re a prince. :wink:


sloth hugs


Aw… hugs and pets :heart:


I started watching inuyasha a long time ago but the number of episodes was so daunting xP

I did watch a lot of naruto one episode after another for about 2 months and i got through a lot. How many hours did i waste i dont know



Inu as sad doggo. I’ll give him the ears though - those are cute.