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hi guys


That’s like kinda cute and also oddly offputting and I don’t know why…


Okay so I don’t neeeed these, but also I kinda need these


Why wouldn’t you? Lapras can learn HM03!


Two opposites of twitch


This is quite creepy tbh :smiley:


It’s heartwarming, I am almost crying here.


More sloth to pet. I’m down. :heart: hugs it and pets head


Aw! This. A lot of Twitch streamers have an attitude about subscribers (I leave it at that, grr). That man there: golden. :sunny:


Just wow. Some of those prices are straight up re-…diculous.

A 24" monitor for $600… maybe in 1994.

Some of the stupid computer crap I see on Craigslist.

Found the motherboard.

I’m guessing the CPU is a i7-5820K or i7-6800k
Either way, at least 4 generations old.


So i just randomly opened store page for Darkest Dungeon and was like ‘what???’ … 14000+ people playing this 4 years old nieche singleplayer game . I mean it’s amazing game, i have 100 hours in it and it’s one of my favorite games but still…these numbers are insane.

Really happy for the team !

I should get all the DLCs and get back to it one day as well.


That’s because that unique single-player game just got a online pvp mode, so not so single-player anymore. You can download the new DLC for free.


That explains a thing or two , though a lot of fairly popular multiplayer only games could only dream about such amount of players so as far i’m concerned this is still a ‘wow’ for me.


What would possess my mouse cursor to move backwards, on its own, in videos or text chat sometimes?

I mean, it’s plugged into a USB hub with controller and keyboard, and they don’t freak out so WHY ye gods and little fishes, WAI T_T. >.<


Check for hairs around the sensor.

Unless you are talking about the wheel. Then it’s just the wheel usually.


Could be some tension in a wire,if it’s a wired mouse , moving mouse it self just slighty. Also bad surface / mouse pad. I had to change my mouse pad from rubber to sort of cloth one after buying my current mouse because mouse cursor was constantly twitching on that one.


Hm… This mousepad came with the set: keyboard, headphone, mouse - so if it’s the mousepad: the suck. I had another smooth mousepad the mouse wasn’t having at all. If it starts acting up again, trying another surface may help. No tension in the wire, I set it up specifically so it wouldn’t move around.


Hmmm… So apparently I have two of these. One is unopened and I know when I bought it. The other is opened and I have a vague recollection of when I got it.

One was in the discount bin for like $10 so… Not too concerned. Just found it funny.


Srry for venting, but i have to get this off my chest. Living in Russia is too stressful. I’ve been freaking out with minimal breaks for 4 years straight, my relatives and friends are freaking out for 3 years with small intervals, people in general are stressed out, paranoid and feel hopeless. It’s in the air, and sometimes people talk about, but most of the time they shake it off bc there’s not much they can do about.

Some people try to get distracted and forget about it, but their quality of life in psychological terms. Some people are secure enough to know they’ll be able to flee the country if it becomes worse, for most people it’s not possible though, or would mean leaving families behind (parents, siblings, not spouse-and-kids). Some people deny everything, even if they have to constantly make active choices to adapt to current situation. They just act like it doesn’t matter, Some people dumbify themselves on the matter, or even partially agree with the propaganda. I also have to say that most Russiand hate Edinaya Rossiya’s propaganda and hate Putin. Actively. When COVID-19 came to Russia, people were hoping it would get to him bc he’s old.

8 years ago, 6 years ago, even 5 years ago I was disgusted with our government and displeased with it very much, but not scared. Now I’m terrified. People are taken by the police even for solitary pickets, even if the sheets are blank, and they’re going to apply a new, screwed up Constitution that will basically make them Overlords upon people. And they already printed it and sell it in book shops, even though the vote is on the 1st of July. Because they don’t care how the people vote, because they’ve got police, OMON, military force and new made-up forces with 0 responsibilities to push anything on people. To murder anyone, to put anyone in jail and get them die by not providing medicine, to torture anyone to death. And they promote the whole thing with disgusting homophobic commercials that some people think are so bad it’s hilarious. To me it’s just a sign they are ready to mage LGBT people illegal.

They started killing journalists when I was 1 y.o., they killed people i looked up to bc they were soiid journalists and did honest reports, and then it got even worse. After 3rd academical year of getting ready to be a journalist I quit, because the murders kept piling up and became more demonstrative. No wonder even the best of the journalists and independent newspapers are so careful for years. And even those newspapers are slowly acquired by force and reshaped into pseudo-liberal autoritorian propaganda resourses.

What used to be the main game news and reviews source for Russian gamers is now dominated with Kremlinbots, and it’s been like this for years, and obviously the owners and mods are pressed into it, so they won’t do nothing. So you can’t even read gaming comments without getting a loads__t of propaganda.

Wow this post is longer than I thought it would be, sorry once again. And I only talked about the top of the iceberg, too. Please know that Russians in mass are not pro-Putin, anti-LGBT, pro-Crimea stealing, pro-war etc. Those active online are Kremlinbots 98% of time, they are paid for hate talk (small fee, though, that’s why there are so many of them). We want change, that’s why we had Bolotnaya, but many families were destroyed after it, and most people here are not ready to give hellish life to their families, or to die in a ditch and become “permanenly missing”. Also many families still remember soviet time repressions, so they try to keep their heads low because they know what kind of end awaits you in a situation like this.


Thank you for writing this. We don’t really get much news out of Russia lately, our news feeds are constantly padded with whatever recent fuckup is going on in the US. Can’t even be bothered to care about them anymore, it’s just so saturated.

I knew things were bad in Russia, but of course no idea to what extent. Had not heard a word about this new constitution or extralegal police force. Refreshing might not be the word to use but it’s at least interesting to hear a personal take on things happening beyond the scope our narrowminded media deems worth focusing on.