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GLOMPS! :heart:


Can’t speak for the anime’s (except DBZ), but the One Piece manga has been freaking amazing. Quality is still high, characters all have interesting designs and personalities, and it’s still a wild ride every week.

Also, the last chapter of Demon Slayer just realised yesterday, so it does have an end in sight (and hoo boy was it intense). Probably another couple seasons of the anime though left I do believe.


Yeah no it’s not fair of me to say that the mentioned series are bad, they’re just really not for me. I’m not a great fan of the standard shounen format as a whole and especially not the ones that just keep on going in perpetuity.

Demon slayer is… complicated, I love so many things about it but ultimately feel let down by far too many facets as well.


The thing is, the longer it goes, greater is the opportunity to get really bad.

I’ve endured the whole Naruto / Shippuuden saga. I, like many of my friends, loved the show in the beginning, but the whole filler nightmare ruined it as a whole. Most of my friends dropped, but I did set a goal for myself to watch it all. When the end was near it was a relief, but then Boruto news came, and I was like, am I really going to continue with this? In the end I did watch some of it just out of curiosity, to see how the old characters turned out and to get to know their offsprings, but I had to drop because I did not want to go into that feeling again.

Like @Fraggles said, it’s not that these shows are bad, length is not always a good thing. For Shounen animes, I’d say 6-8 seasons is enough to tell the whole thing without the fillers and unnecessary story prolongations. Keep it as specials or movies, whatever. Naruto would be a much better show and have greater animation if it was this way. But alas, keep milking it until no one cares anymore.

After watching so many animes (over 500 already, probably), my preferred setup are double cour or split cour animes with a conclusion movie. But as always, some single cour ones really makes you desire for more, and it never comes. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar…


is it truly possible to learn such power? :thinking: :hushed:


Not from a Jedi


Don’t forget that some animes are just one-shot OVAs, and those wouldn’t take as long to complete as those that last an entire season.


i always just assumed those or specials just still counted “in” the season(s) when adding up the tally. But yea sure, if we are counting individual 3min OVAs or alike then i guess it’s easy to get through 500. But 500 “actual seasons”/full animes, now that’s quite a feat :astonished:, that’s a whole bunch of TV hours watched, even if it’s just single seasons of 4hours/12eps


No, I mean ones that don’t have seasons at all and are just OVAs, like the 1996/1999 Sonic the Hedgehog movie.


yea but still, counting some OVAs (because of their duration) i’d think wasn’t applied to a “regular” tally, as a given. I’ve seen some that was like, 3eps of 5mins or something, or less, and i’d never thought anyone would count such in when they listed that anime… I mean, i don’t count in commercials if i tell people which tv shows i’ve watched (ino ino, sorta diff/analogy doesn’t hold up fully, but still…)


watched the movie, loved the movie :+1:, still want more Chuunibyou and Rikka tho :blush:


@Gnuffi @Imaynotbehere4long

500 full seasons is a bit crazy, I’m not one of those anime reviewers, I usually only watch 4-6 animes per season, and I had an anime hiatus for several years.

Here’s the actual stats that show on my list:
TV: 281, OVA: 56, Movies: 96, Spcl.: 53, Eps: 7379, Days: 126.16
Probably only accounts the re-watchs in the ‘episodes’ stats or not at all. And I did not want to include unfinished shows that I watched on television when younger.


still impressive tho, and dang, 126+ days of your life, *poof in the animu :sweat_smile: (wish it were me)


I have 670 series watched, 9380 episodes, 152 days and 2h and 138 on my “to watch list” and I did not start keeping track on anidb until several years down the line. It also does not appear to specify how many of those are short OVAs, specials or movies. Though I generally have not been adding the few movies I do watch for some reason.

Actually make that 675, 9418 episodes, 152d 17h. Just went on a serious binger, no just had a couple of series I had not yet entered.



I can’t tell if Windows Search has simply stopped working or if the folder and documents with all the game keys I have is simply gone. Feel physically nauseous right now.


My current mood after what I posted earlier


If you really think it has indeed been deleted in some way or shape then stop doing things, install recuva and run a search for deleted files. The more time that passes the larger the likelihood that the disk space that used to hold those files gets repurposed.

However I gotta ask why are you relying on windows search? Do you not know where you keep your own files to go look for them manually?

Edit: Preferably install and run recuva off a thumbdrive or some other storage you might have that isn’t the hard drive you suspect is missing files. But lacking any such options, installing it sooner rather than later is better.


My memory sucks. Usually it’s in recent files, so I don’t just click and there they are. Likely I was sorting out data and opening many things. I don’t know where the root folder is, and in looking manually through the folders where they would mostly likely be - no sign of them their either.

I’m running a data recovery thing now - it’s taking its time. Is that Recuva one free? So far, these jerks claim free, then direct you to a purchase page to actually recover the files after purchase.


Yes recuva is free for personal use.