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Now that it’s become clear (to me, having only really looked into it now) what exactly Hamas has been doing during their attack on Israel, I, as a Muslim, have to clearly say, Fuck Hamas. May God destroy all of them who were intently responsible in any way (whether actively or otherwise) for the killing of innocent civilians, regardless of whether those were children, the elderly, or both young men and women.

Though I understand this is partly the result of the suffering the Palestinians have been undergoing for three quarters of a century now, which certainly pains me, I also feel the pain of their victims and of all the additional suffering which will now also be unleashed on innocent Palestinians as a direct result of this terrorist attack.

Islam allows fighting an oppressor and defending your land by killing the soldiers doing that. This was not that, not for a big part at least. And this is completely forbidden.

All of it just sickens me to my stomach.

I’m sorry to bring this up, but I feel I had to make this clear.


I would add, also fuck the Israelean leaders.

I still hope there will be a peaceful solution where the people of both cultures can be free.


DLC for Company of Heroes 3 called Night Fighters Capture Point Bundle:


? = 8



I’m sure we’ve all been annoyed at times with game series that decides to launch a new “first” game and name it without any distinguishing details. But this one’s really taking the piss.

I was a bit surprised seeing “Lords of the Fallen” in the new steam releases, could’ve sworn that was an old game. Is this a remake, a remaster? No. It’s just a plain new game from a different developer (same publisher) that they decided was best not billed as a sequel or as it’s own game in any sort of way. Instead they just changed the name of the old title to old title+2014, except they didn’t do the same change to it’s DLCs and extras.

You know this is why we have Trademark laws, not for companies to wield against each other for market dominance, but to protect customers from confusion. Who could sue to protect a company’s trademarks from themselves?


One is “Of The” the other is “of the”, clearly distinguishable :clown_face:


This would be true, but the artbook, map, and soundtrack are “of the.” They just released those 9 years earlier is all.

Also 3 have the trademark, but not the soundtrack.

Not convoluted at all!


Aww hun I’m so sorry to hear this :white_heart::sunflower:it sounds like there’s plenty of hope still though and I hope he makes a full recovery :sparkles:
How are you both dealing now? :sunflower:


At least it’s not acorns :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

How did the do go? You feeling better?:sunflower:


Myrr. Appointment got pushed back to next month by the doctor. Flubber.


I went for my scan for my headaches this past friday. Had been waiting since FEB for the appt… The last few days have been a whirlwind. I still have a lot of reading and we need to watch a few videos together. I think I have all his meds figured out. He is having a different type of chemo. It’s only being administered once a week for 6 weeks(I think) and he’s doing something called immunotherapy(it’s once a week too) instead of radiation which is good because we were first told he would have to have radiation for 30 days, 5 times a week.

Got his picc line today and he starts treatment tomorrow… 6 hours…Have a friend from the states that said it’s good they are giving him that immunotherapy because that means it’s curable. In the states they only give that type of chemo/immunotherapy to patients they know that have a chance to live. Plus, he doesn’t lose his hair.


Guys. Where do you find components for electronics? Like I watched a YT person restore an old handheld brick game. He even replaced the battery contacts that had rusted.

I tried to find the tiny LCD screen that old brick game handhelds have inside, but Google being a sponsored ads pest. I can’t find decent answers to much of anything lately.

That aside, seriously, how does one find components? Anyone know?


Build a time machine and go back to the 90s or early noughties.
Used to be relatively easy to get hold of electronic components of all sorts, these days everything is manufactured exclusively under contracts for large electronics retailers and they’re keeping spare parts off the market. You might be able to find something on places like Aliexpress, if you know exactly what you’re looking for though.

Also might consider using another search engine like maybe duckduckgo, could help.


gonna need a lot of electronic components for that, I’m afraid


People seem to usually order directly from china nowadays.

A quick google gave me this site, but i can’t vouch for it:


I have ordered from Mouser before, had no issues. Got a power supply for a LED project I was doing.


Cool. Will look into Mouser, thanks guys. I know the days of RadioShack are long gone, still, it was surprising how hard it is to find components.

Ps. I did try duckduckgo before writing the previous post. Didn’t help much either.


I have been using Startpage for years.


Herm. Never hear of it @delenn13 Will have a peek. Thanks! :heart:

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Myrr! I forgot. Happy Halloween my Chronies. pets