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Hope things are better for you now, hun! :hugs:


He’s fine now but we’ll have to keep an eye on him just to make sure he won’t do something dangerous again.


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I don’t use mobile. Sorry…


No worries, it has been fixed.


FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!Money grubbing no good bastards!!! You should NOT use Star Trek as a tax right off. The children/fans deserve Better.

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Daily squirrel life. No lie there.


I’ve been making breads for months now. I can’t figure it out.

What is wrong with the bread that makes you say I’m cutting it too early?

It looks the same to me no matter what!


When you cut into the bread while the steam has not yet settled back into the bread itself and the crumb structure has not fully settled yet you end up losing that steam resulting in the bread drying out faster.

Visually this can show up as larger uneven crumbs in the cut surface as the moist internals of the bread clings to the knife and bunch up as you cut through. If you still get that result even after the bread has cooled down then you might want to bake it for a bit longer as it might suggest it wasn’t fully baked through.


I made another bread two days ago. Just staring at it. Now that I ate it all, I’ll take a closer look next time.




I don’t know who that is, but I do know that youtube bans google accounts for comments made in youtube videos years and years ago.

I literally deleted all the comments I have ever made on youtube and haven’t made comments in 2 years. Better safe than sorry.

Mostly to make sure my gmails aren’t banned because I use those for important business. Because when google bans you, that means on everything google owned.

Better use brave browser, duckduckgo, or startpage to make sure that your searches don’t get your account banned!

Maybe I should finally make the migration to an alternative when I have a vacation…


I feel like there is more to this story. Although it’s not worded well, it sounds like the US Govt was asking Google for his searches over the past 5 years (multiple times).

The point still stands that losing access to Google unexpectedly has major impacts unless you’ve limited your dependence on them.


Yes it seems that it was a request from the government, which just makes this even worse. Judging by the limited information available here but this makes it seem like you can simply have a thirst for knowledge without any ill intentions or having ever done anything wrong and the US govt can request that you’re barred from researching certain topics.

So this means that there is such a thing as forbidden knowledge that the population is not allowed to have and whoever is in power gets to dictate what you’re allowed to know about.

Getting banned from google might be a bother in all sorts of ways, but this is a far greater threat in my opinion and not a power the government should have. I don’t really care what he was actually searching for, could be the most horrific and despicable thing imaginable, with this precedent set the list of forbidden things can only ever increase.


I mean, that does already exist. There is a particular someone that got indicted for specifically having information the general population isn’t allowed to have.

That being said, if it is truly the US Govt coming in and saying hey stop him from researching those topics, then yeah that’s a problem. There were several requests, so it seems Google decided they agreed versus being forced to, which would be at least a shred of light that Google would have the ability to refuse/ignore.

Edit: Removing content that not supposed to be public rather than banning people would be a better method, but if it’s all public domain information, that would be an issue.

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There’s a big difference between keeping information secret and branding information illegal. Attempting to access secret information you’re not meant to access may be a crime, but having secret information is not. Trying to google something can’t possibly be an illegal activity.


of course it can. What if you’re googling child pornography (not to inform yourself of what that is ofc but to actually consume it)? What if you’re intending to do something bad and your researches are done in preparation for that? Then that would be illegal as well. (they have to be able to prove it ofc. look for example at conspiracy in crime, same principle)

the point is it can absolutely be an illegal activity

I would find it logical that a convicted child pornographer or terrorist would be banned from using search engines (if they used those to commit their crimes) the same way a hacker is banned from using computers.

I don’t know why this person got banned and so I’m not commenting on that specific circumstance in any way.


No it shouldn’t, hosting that is illegal, consuming it is in many places illegal but just typing that search query into google isn’t and certainly shouldn’t be. IF however google have such material indexed and serves it up to you then, well google is in fact at fault and you will be as soon as you avail yourself of it.

Information is blameless what you do with it is what matters. I have a vast amount of knowledge that could be used to cause malfeasance or catastrophe should I chose to do so. Trying to bring about any such results would be wrong, having the know how isn’t.

Adding additional circumstances doesn’t change my stance on it, if an illegal activity has taken place then that is the illegal activity. Simply looking for or avail yourself of information you can find >without taking otherwise illegal actions< shouldn’t in any way be by itself illegal.

In your example the illegal activity would be breaking a court order, not “having googled something”. The course of action from the authorities would be to issue a warrant for your arrest and put you back in jail, not ask google to ban your account.


Another one pulled straight from Elon Musk’s ass…