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but you don’t need to go buy out the local store of TP, bread, and milk

Like why even do so to THIS extent? Because supply will run out fast? I personally wear a mask and put on hand sanitiser but otherwise I still live out my life as normal for the most part. No oversupplying and stuff, just practicing a little more caution than usual. Also, who needs that much TP in their lives anyway?
Also I live in a country where there is an amount of cases, no deaths so far (thank god!), but not to the levels of other countries admittedly.
Edit: to clarify, you should still practice good hygiene and if I were to get it myself, it would immensely suck for everyone around me. Its not suddenly going to become some sort of 28 Days Later/Last of Us/Mad Max world, at least hopefully not at this rate.



I’m gonna be so rich in social credit :eyes: ppl are gonna be so jealous :star_struck:


So , which class is best to grind that social score?


The sycophant, it gets a static class bonus to sucking up to a select faction at the cost of a penalty to rep points gained from all others.



I linked a website of the covid19 progress a while back with live update. But now I found an even liver update with live commentary!

And Italy is getting hit really badly. I know 2 people from there and…it’s very serious if you talk to one. And I am very incredibly suspicious that China’s number stopped. It’s almost as if…someone…decided…it should…stop.

Hold on someone is knocking on my door.







And here’s a full album of these if you want more


No people were harmed in the making of the below video. (Sound On)



Hmm… that would explain why my headphones weren’t working.

all better.


Erm is this “find 10 differences” ? :smiley: can you point to what you did. Wires seems to be connected in a same way.


The entire connector wasn’t plugged in.


Ah haha, now i see it. Pins in the lower section of the image.


Y’all I’m angry and I gotta post this

Do NOT buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons or even the Switch if you’re planning to get it simply for AC:NH. Why? They locked everything behind Player 1. You can’t do anything as another player. And I’m not exaggerating. You can only walk around. Everything is dependent on Player 1, and tons of recipes (which you need to build tools etc) are locked to the progression, meaning no other player can get them. The vaulting pole, for example, is required to travel the island. You can’t get this as any other player but the first one.

Please don’t support this game. You will be telling Nintendo they made a good decision. Help them realize it wasn’t by reviewing the game on websites and docking it for this “feature”. Or at the very least, warn people of this before they buy… especially if they are a family and intend it as family use! :sweat:


Sweet, sweet Nintendo and their online shenanigans. But, you mean as in online mode right? Because I watched some couple playing on couch co-op, I assume, and they could switch who was ‘leading’, but still very inconvenient.


No, not online. Offline.

You are allowed to make a total of 8 characters on a Switch to live on the island. The first person who creates the Island, and logs in, becomes the permanent “leader” of everything. So let’s say a sibling creates Player 2 and Player 1 hasn’t given Tom Nook 5 fish/bugs yet. As Player 2, you are not given the option to give Tom Nook these items to make him progress the story forward, giving you the vaulting pole recipe and the watering can recipe–post crucial pieces of equipment to Island life. You are then stuck. There is no way forward unless Player 1 logs in and does the missions, creates the needed equipment and then gives them to the other players.

Or, if you’re lucky, find someone online who will drop a spare tool for you (which breaks).

Unfortunately I didn’t know this before we got a Switch for Animal Crossing. Now, essentially, only one of our household members can actually play the game. This “feature” is not advertised by Nintendo, either.


Too coincidental for the system?

Extra annoyances are pretty bad for something that’s made with today’s standards. To only be able to walk and do nothing else other than player 1 is a terrible thing to do…

@Rhyagelle, that seems terrible! Hopefully that’s something they will fix up…


I like the game and this problem does not bother me personally, as I am the only one in my household playing it (so I did not even notice the problem), but you are right, that totally sucks.


Interesting fact about sloths. I was seriously shocked when i first found out about this.