The (not at all) arbitrary and meaningless: Steam Awards!

It’s that time of the year kids, awards season is upon us soon,
let your inner fanboi out to play and rage at everyone that shares different opinion than you, because your thoughts are law, -and anything else would collapse the fabric of the cosmos :smile:

so since i’m not a total bandwagon 60$fluff cultist blind shareholder-suit-follower, i logically don’t participate other than letting my thoughts try to match the title cards, -and maybe with some games i like too, to show my appreciation for them in some fashion, despite not all getting released this year
(really seems a ton on steam just nominate recent releases + aaa’s and disregard the award category entirely) :roll_eyes:
-only issue i have is steam doesn’t let you nominate the same game in multiple categories, nor non-steam games, -making some of my “true choices”, that might fit a category better, unavailable, -aww shucks… :persevere:

The “The World Is Grim Enough Let’s Just All Get Along” Award

Games delight and entertain us, giving us much needed breaks from the sorrows and low points of our lives… and let’s be honest, for a lot of people it’s been a rough 2017. That is why the SASC has chosen to celebrate a game that doesn’t involve combat or conflict.

My nominee: Life Goes On: Done to Death
-reason; honestly just seemed so fitting, 0 combat game, yet your character suffers immensely, when i need a break from a “grim” world, -and no doubt the knight needs its break when i’m done :joy:

The “Choices Matter” Award

Games are about agency, and this award is for the game that has it in spades. Maybe it’s because there are 31 ways you can breach into a villains lair. Perhaps there are dozens of potential partners for you to build a romantic future with. Or maybe you find yourself constantly saying “Where oh where should I plant those turnips”? In all three scenarios there is a common bond: the choice was always yours.

My nominee: Stardew Valley
-reason; just seemed like there are too many choices and opportunities to not put Stardew here, what to plant?, who to marry?, which item-ID to name your toon? -decisions decisions…:thinking:

The “Haunts My Dreams” Award

This award is slightly a misnomer, because this game doesn’t just haunt your dreams. It consumes your thoughts every waking moment of the day. This game doesn’t demand your time. You give it willingly.

My nominee: Grim Dawn
-reason; any person reading some of my recent posts might understand this choice, GD consumes me completely atm :crazy_face:

The “Mom’s Spaghetti” Award

There are games that make you excited. There are games that make you happy. Then there are games so intense that they elicit a physical reaction. We’re talking weak knees. We’re talking sweaty palms. We’re talking fear-induced accidents. We’re talking your friends reminding you to breathe. We’re talking about mom’s spaghetti.

My nominee: F.E.A.R.
-reason; this is one of them “not true”, i wanted to put WoW here, because it’s probably the only game that actually gives me the sweats these days, (albeit not exactly for all that “positive” reasons lol, :crazy_face:), but i couldn’t -so put FEAR instead because it sorta came close back in its day(in it’s own but way different way ofc lol) :wink:

The “No Apologies” Award

This award is for the game that you love unconditionally. Does it have some faults? Maybe. Do other people not understand your love for it? Sure. But make no mistake. There is no guilt here. Only pleasure.

My nominee: BioShock™ Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth
-reason; not allowed to put Grim Dawn here because it already had a spot :disappointed: so put another game that potentially belongs on my favourites list, -also mostly because i couldn’t really remember other games lol, and Starcraft 2 wasn’t allowed ofc :dizzy_face:
Edit. found out could put DLC in nominations too, so i’m putting GD expansion here because i’m utterly unapologetic for putting a DLC here over “full” games, -and it’s an utterly awesome piece of content in it’s own right too :smiley: (the WoW+SC2 thing still holds true tho lol) :smile:

The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War” Award

The Bard said it best. This game doesn’t necessarily offer the biggest explosions… it offers something better. Potential. Potential to be a rampaging force of nature. Or not. Who knows. You’re an agent of chaos and no one is going to tell you what to do.

My nominee: DOOM
-reason; i liked DOOM, unsurprisingly, and seemed to fit the nomination decently too, so half decent win-win situation for an easy placement without much effort

The “Suspension of Disbelief” Award

Let’s be honest: games can have some pretty ridiculous elements in them… from the stories that drive the action, to the items required to conquer obstacles, to even the protagonists themselves. This award is for the game that has a key component, which when described out of context, seems totally insane, but while playing the game doesn’t even make you bat an eye, because in the moment it makes total sense.

My nominee: Maize
-reason; i mean, it made sorta sense, right? corny or not… :man_facepalming:

The “Soul Of Vitruvius” Award

The Vitruvian Man was Leonardo’s celebration of the ideal form. And in that spirit the SASC looks to celebrate the game with the most lovingly rendered character… be it human, alien, anthropomorphic cat people, or even a piece of produce.

My nominee: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
-reason; honestly didn’t believe the character graphics when i saw it before launch, convinced it was bs, still can’t believe it after launch that was made on budget, non-aaa sized everything. And the character/“trait” depiction is “striking” too, combined with pretty amazing graphical fidelity imo
-tho not as cute as a slug cat, so unsure if it’s a tie…

The “Defies Description” Award

This game is like… well actually it’s more similar to…picture a combination of… ya know what, I can’t describe it, just play it.

My nominee: Valley
-reason; didn’t know what to put here, and wanted to nominate Valley for something, -because it’s just gorgeous and fills me with a sense of calm running through that gorgeous nature scenery, and at the same time unsure what game/genre to classify it as, so yea, can’t really describe it proper, -just play it.

The “Labor of Love” Award

This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the first unveiling of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.

My nominee: This War of Mine
-reason; some people here might remember i’ve mentioned this game a couple of times, the other content added over the years + with the new expansion just released, season pass too, there is no doubt or regret about putting this gem here. Devs didn’t initially plan to keep adding expansions to the game in this fashion, but they did, and they clearly love this game, -and so do i.

The “Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0” Award

The Academy wasn’t clear enough in the awards description last year. Let’s try this again. This award is for the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” of video games.

My nominee: Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut
-reason; honestly couldn’t remember other “trippin ballz” games lol, so could only put Jazzpunk here because i couldn’t think of others (but i know there are something completely psychedelic out there):relaxed:

The “Even Better Than I Expected” Award

We’ve all been there. You get super excited for a game, you pre-order it, and you anxiously wait as it downloads. Then you finally play it. How do you feel now? If the answer is “Elated beyond words because even I, a conductor aboard the hype train, was blown away with how good this thing was” then you have found the perfect candidate for this award.

My nominee: The Sexy Brutale
-reason; i don’t really preorder games anymore (lesson learned), sexy brutale was one of the few i considered, and when i did finally get my hands on it eventually post release(long after), it did surpass my expectations still anyway, so seems right here still imo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(The “Write-In” Award) The ““pixel perfect” -not everything needs “flashy” graphics” Award

You are a member of the Steam Award Selection Committee and your voice needs to be heard! What additional category needs to be added for the 2017 steam awards? Best Use Of A Lighthouse? Best Game To Play While Listening To The Hamilton Soundtrack? The only limit is your imagination (and a vague sense of decency)!

My nominee: To the Moon
-reason; hopefully fairly obvious, not everything games has to offer are shiny pixels, lighting and f’n bloom+“god” rays… smh,
and To the Moon, despite everything from “graphics” to “controls” and “gameplay” tugs on “muh feels” enough that it’s a game i enjoyed immensely despite “lacking” all of that “important”-“aaa”-“stuff”, -and can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to the sequel getting released


I kinda liked last year’s categories more :confused:

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I just kind of randomly picked stuff to get the badge. Although the “Haunts My Dreams” award is indisputably Devil Daggers.

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I haven’t played it, but that game doesn’t look very haunting.

I won’t ever forget doki doki literature club though.


I only nominated .Hack// G.U. Last Recode to “Haunts my Dreams”. I NEED to have that game. Like, right now

The “The World Is Grim Enough Let’s Just All Get Along” Award

  • A Story About My Uncle
    Reason: No combat

The “Choices Matter” Award

  • Headliner
    Reason: Different Choices/Endings

The “Haunts My Dreams” Award

  • Stardew Valley
    Reason: I have played so much Stardew Valley lately that I am dreaming of it…

The “Mom’s Spaghetti” Award

  • Alien: Isolation
    Reason: This game terrifies me.

The “No Apologies” Award

  • Seduce Me 2: The Demon War
    Reason: My “guilty-pleasure” game of choice

The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War” Award

  • Dead by Daylight
    Reason: Only Steam game I own and played that I thought might fit the description.

The “Suspension of Disbelief” Award

  • Layers of Fear
    Reason: Nothing makes sense to me about this game, but I get so immersed when playing that I don’t notice until after I stop playing.

The “Soul Of Vitruvius” Award

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Reason: I think they did a good job with Lara Croft.

The “Defies Description” Award

  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
    Reason: I have no idea how to describe this game, and it’s dialogue options so confuse my brain, but definitely recommend it.

The “Labor of Love” Award

  • This War of Mine
    Reason: Awesome game that continues to get new content.

The “Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0” Award

  • West of Loathing
    Reason: Had no idea what to put here, the description confuses me, so I just picked a game with Loathing in the title, plus it is an awesome game.

The “Even Better Than I Expected” Award

  • Yooka-Laylee
    Reason: I pre-ordered this game due to it being a BK spiritual successor and do not regret it one bit. It was even better than I had hoped.

The “Bad Rats” Award

  • Bad Rats: the Rats’ Revenge
    Reason: My “joke” nomination, decided to “go with the crowd” in another forum on this one.
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honestly, I can’t find a single game that doesn’t have conflict or combat in my library xD

simpleplanes maybe

edit: I found a good one actually. Jalopy.

Generally just ignore the steam stuff, but I couldn’t resist when I saw it let you make one of your own voting titles :wink:

Why can I only nominate one game for a single category?

I realised I have not played as many games in 2017 as I thought, possibly none actually released this year, though that does not seem to be a limitation.

I thought it was like that last year?

There we go.


Me and some people started a meme by nominating Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) as “Best Star Wars Battlefront 2” feel free to join in.

well it wouldn’t let me do it xD

it isn’t even the best star wars battlefront 2 though…

the original on ps2 was better.

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how is saying a shit game is a good game a joke?

is this like the 90s where “bad” means “good”?

it certainly seems that way these days :confused:

critics: cuphead is bad, racist because animation.

also critics: SW BF 2 is the best game to ever exist ever also buy it *not sponsored by EA

You still failed to notice that we’re talking about the original 2005 game, the same one you describe as a ps2 game.

oh okay then, I did.

(but when imbeciles name a new game the same thing as a game that already exists it’s not my fault)

it was on ps2 though?

It was released on pretty much everything, it’s not a ps2 game it’s a multiplatform game.