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I’m glad you want to play skyrim :slight_smile:

Like the others said, I’d definitely get the add-ons, but only when they are discounted, which they are quite regularly I think.

As for mods: I usually refrain from installing gameplay related mods but that’s just personal preference.
The number one mod I heavily recommend though is “SkyUI”. I seriously couldn’t play the game without it anymore. The default UI is just that terrible.

There are tons of brilliant graphical mods that make the game look A LOT better while still staying true to the original art style and atmosphere but whether you can/want to install these and if yes, how many and which ones, is up to you and your laptop. A few I can recommend are:

  • “Sounds of Skyrim”
  • “Towns and Villages Enhanced”
  • “Static Mesh Improvement Mod”
  • “A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map”

And in case you want to dive further into the lore or just want to learn more about a certain hot-blooded Argonian maid, I’d go for these two tiny mods:

  • “Unread Books Glow”
  • “Unlimited Bookshelves”

All of them are available in the steam workshop for the old (not special) edition. Nexus mod manager is great though! Or at least it was when I was still using it.

Hope you’ll be having as much fun with the game as I had :slight_smile:


I stopped playing (cause my computer died) a few months after NMM 2.0 came out, and that was pretty good. I’ve used the Bethesda launcher’s mod thing too, in concert with other mods and it was okay (mostly because I kept it down to just a few armor mods from it so that it would not affect load order much.


I LOVED Skyrim, and played on a PC put together in 2010 (so not exactly a powerhouse)…

I wanted to keep the experience as vanilla as possible but to eliminate unwanted tedium and mimimise load. This is what I used to play the game to completion -


Yup, want to and it’s good to know they do get discounted. I’m trying hard not to jump on every shiny game and ‘pick a struggle’ as my best friend would say, lol. Skyrim is a gift I’ve barely played with and I do love open-world games - so pretty and a challenge to explore. I’m playing a 10-year old MMO that might soon be shut down, so likely there will be plenty of time to get lost - again - lol.

The tiny mods sounds fun - I’m a side quest junkie, that’s why I’ve hardly finished any RPGs, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. I’m not looking to make it super shiny etc, just easier to navigate. SkyUI is twice suggested now, so I’ll definitely be getting that. :slight_smile:

Thieves guild sounds nifty too. One thing I didn’t like was watching a Gamepedia guy stream the Dark Brotherhood quest line - assassinating people for practically no reason but coin. So i’m hoping there cool extra to do that doesn’t make me feel kind icky on the inside, you know?


Nice! Now it’s like I’m late to the party but it’s good as there’s lot to see, ha ha. It’s good to have more stuff to explore. This is turning into a bit of a research project. I’m stoked. :slight_smile:


Careful, I found (as did many others) that you will start spending 5-10x more time installing and finding new mods than actually playing Skyrim.


YES! I’ve spent more time sorting my keys and Steam Library than actually playing games, lol. Gonna be careful about that - or try to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to decide on a basic list, get those in, and worry about other shinies once I’m enjoying the feel of the game.


You ever roleplay characters? It makes it way more fun (At least for me) but it kind of requires you to know some lore so you can get in the mindset. Kinda funny that most people don’t ‘Roleplay’ in a role-playing game :laughing:


That’s the whole point of a RPG to me tongue in cheek I always try to get into my character. Friends and I had a lot of fun with the tabletop version of Dungeon and Dragons for a while - enough possibilities to make your head spin, but it was wonderful! :slight_smile:


A word of caution from someone that has been learning the lore for years… tread carefully lmao. Learning even a small portion of one specific part of the lore is nearly impossible! It’s ridiculous but on the bright side I feel like a child every time I found out something new lol


First restart at Skyrim, have tried using the SkyUI mod. No crashes or anything.

Trouble is, can’t use the controller. The left stick does left to right, but not forward and back, whether or not analog is on. Do I need a controller mod? The research continues…

PS: Started as a Breton as they get “Conjure Familiar” as a Race Trait. Not sure still if need “Spellcraft” or the High Elves’ “Arcane mastery” to be Summoner.

PPS: Was so panicked and lost in 1st person view, my best friend got poor Arien away from the dragon and into the keep. Got burned once though. O_O


Update: Turn on X-box Configuration (in addition to Generic) for the controller in Steam. Y axis works now. sigh

Do not understand these technological thingies.


Oh I know what you mean, bought the game myself a month or two ago so I could play it again (only owned it for xbox in the past) and I spent two entire days downloading and setting up mods :stuck_out_tongue:

@Danacscott you can go into 3rd person by using your scrollwheel. Not sure if there’s a button for it on controller.


Herm… My mouse is the done, so I’ve only got the trackpad on the laptop atm. There’s likely a way to scroll with it, just got to figure out how, lol. When I do, will give it a try. Cheers. ^^


Ah, apparently pressing “F” will make you go third person as well, or pressing the right thumbstick on controller.


Oh btw, here’s a showcase of the 3rd person camera mod and dark souls combat like mods I mentioned before. It will probably feel better for the controller as well.

Links are in the description of the video. :smiley:


Yup. I saw came across too, just wanted to get my toes in the water before installing too many things. If this is the same, you need another mod besides SkyUI. Depending on how gameplay feels, this is very likely the next mod. :slight_smile: Thanks mein Sloth. :sunny:


@Danacscott Would you like me to link my favorite Elder Scrolls lore YouTube channel? :grin:


Sure. :slight_smile: Sounds fun.


Ok, I think the best channel is:

With honorary mentions going to:


This is also very helpful for naming an Elder Scrolls character.