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Hey guys. Since trying to organise my game library, decided to try to stick to a few “staple” games for a while. Hoping this can be one of them. It should run okay on my little potato computer until I can get a new laptop somewhere in October.

So! I’ve installed Skyrim Script Extender for whatever mods I might need. Also, since I’m a fan of every dragon in existence, thinking of getting the Dragonborn DLC that allows to tame and have dragons as mounts. :slight_smile:

Now, I’m a super novice at this sort of thing, so if anyone has input or advice, I’m super grateful. Cheers.

EDIT: Is there any easy way to post this laptop’s specs that won’t look too messy?


Is this Special Edition? That is more mod friendly and where most modders are now. Oh it’s just the dlc, sorry. Prepare for disappointment with dragon mounts…


@CreatureFeet Oh dear, disappointment? How so? Buggy?


Not true control, it feels like riding a rollercoaster. So on rails kind of I guess, it’s very weird.


Hey, I’ve never finished Skyrim but your post reminded me I need to finish The Witcher 3 now that I have all DLCs.

Also, good call on getting the Skyrim Script Extender. Any specific gameplay mods you’re thinking of getting? I’m sure the community will have some suggestions depending on your gameplay style. :+1:


Kinguin and G2A links are not allowed on the forum btw. (Some mod will come and snip it)

Grey market resellers are the pits.


Oh yeah, this. Maybe edit OP?


Whoops! Thanks for catching that. :slight_smile: Edited and removed link. Not sure what “Grey Market” means - new phrase to me.

There are a ton from my research so far. O_o I want one that lets you use 3rd person rather than 1st person view. The latter makes me nauseous. Took me 3 hours to get away from the dragon in the first scene because 1st person camera is so disorienting to me.

Only have the 1st Witcher myself - not gonna try to play it on this, lol. Do love to open the artbook even now and then and just enjoy. :slight_smile:


Check out Frostfall if you want to hate snow for the rest of your life lol


Ha ha!

Edit: Frostpunk is what I’ve heard of lately. Looking this up now.


Frostfall. Herm… bringing the cold on in a serious way. Might hold off on that a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would like to focus on mods that help the game run smoothest with my computer. Been so long since I touched the game, it’ll be like a brand new experience.


Speaking of brand new experiences…

It’s perfect because it requires the original version of Skyrim known as Oldrim Hahahaha


LOL. Oldrim? Really. I’m getting some kind of education today, :slight_smile:


I was surprised as well, I also didn’t know about the grey market key site policy so you aren’t the only one being educated :laughing:


“use enchanting to craft spirit companions as the Phasmalist.”

@CreatureFeet This bit I like the sound of a whole lot. I always play doll master or summoner in games when possible. :sunny:


I’ll put in a quick snippet while I attempt to find the original post.

Basically, Grey Market sites are key resellers. How they obtain the keys are sometimes downright fraudulent. In fact, there are a few developers that say they would rather you pirate their game than to use grey market resellers as they get hit with a back-charge plus key losses.

Long story short, grey market sites can actually cost the developer money.

bam! article links:

Kotaku is a bit more in-depth.


Really always thought those guys had licences to distribute. O_O Thanks for explaining, would have never have known it was underhanded. Hm.


“Phasmalism is a magical discipline from the school of Sinistra that focuses on the manipulation of souls.”

Your title should be changed to ‘Manipulator of Souls’ lmao


Dude, I’m so down for that, lol. Need that one in Chrono. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun discussion so far. Still trying to get over the cold, so this is giving me lots to think about. :heart:


So do you use conjuration or Necromancy in vanilla skyrim?