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Never used either. First character I made just had a sword I think. Fell in a river, got super lost and totally didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. Not kidding - I’m starting all over and got to learn the game properly this time, lol.


Well if you like summoning creatures :wink: or maybe commanding the dead then the game already has you covered! :grin::grin: No mods needed.


Favourite thing is animating things like Golems or actual dolls. I’ve never actually played a Necromancer. Nor beast master either. Automatons are cutesy too.

Did try LoreMaster in LoTRO, but never really liked it. Captain was okay, but the constant sound effect yelling was annoying, ha ha.


aw I’m so proud of my people :yellow_heart: :brazil:



What game let’s you animate dolls? Sound very interesting!


Absolute closest I’ve gotten is Ogre Battle: Person of Lordly Caliber. There’s an actual doll master class, that upgrades to “Enchanter”.


In Final Fantasy X, there’s Lulu.

Final Fantasy XI gave us Puppetmaster with an Automaton. Need to find a lot of parts throughout the game to upgrade him.



So it’s a JRPG thing? That would explain why I wasn’t aware of such things. Lol


Yes, I guess so, lol. :slight_smile: One of my favourite genres, usually because you can expect a deep, interesting storyline and unique characters.


An investment not just of time but also emotion.


Agreed. I still miss FFXI to this day. Never did own FFX though - just got to watch friends play. I’m the cry at a movie kind of person, so investing time in a story like that is second nature. :slight_smile:

Then the side of me that’s into Hack 'n Slash - Link, Dante, the Castlevania dude, Ezio (Assassin’s Creed) and so on. Don’t think they’re many gamers that plant themselves in just one genre. :slight_smile:


Only the foolish or stubborn ones!


Forgot one! Though, I guess he’s more of a Phasmalist, sorta. V in Devil May Cry 5.


Yes the Dragonborn DLC allows you to tame a dragon but its temporary not permanent. In the base game and the dawnguard DLC will provide shouts to summon a dragon. I do suggest you get special edition to get all the DLC, trust me its worth the purchase especially if you haven’t played the game before. But if you already bought the original version, you should still buy the all the DLC.


If I recall correctly, there are some mods who improve 3rd person, specially ones that focus on trying to convert Skyrim into Dark Souls (they’ve spent a lot of time tinkering the 3rd person mode).

This one is maybe a bit too much, but I’ve been watching his videos since I started modding Skyrim, just to have a look at some other stuff that might pick my interest, even though I can’t and haven’t played Skyrim in years. He also has a playlist for Special Edition, but it’s probably abandoned, and most mods covered now should be for SE. You might see something interesting for you, I’ve seen mods focused on summoner there too. I think you’ll probably need the one that overhauls the skills tree (Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim)

And if you have trouble understanding how to install mods and etc, I recommend Gopher’s channel. His explanations are very clear and helped me go through many of the issues I had at the time. Some are probably gone since Special Edition release, but there might be something to help you as well. He also have some videos covering mods and he’s also the creator of Immersive HUD, which is an amazing mod!

So, is this the newest Nexus Mod Manager? I can’t tell :rofl:


Well, here’s the thing. The version I have was a gift from ages ago - there may not have been a Special Edition then. Herm.

From the price tag, definitely was prepared to shell out that much. Paying for a good DLC to make it more enjoyable clocks okay in the brain, but $40 USD right now, not feasible.

Dawnguard is pricey too! Not overly so, in all fairness. The list of features is cool. I’ll Wishlist that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input. This is a bigger undertaking than I knew. O_O


That’s the one I’d already heard about for players elsewhere. Newest version, no idea.

Hope I can still find stuff for the version I do have, which is not the Special Edition. Starting to have the feeling I’m a little late to the party.

Still, you’ve given me a lot of fodder to look through. Thank you. :heart:


Oh, I thought you had the SE. Fret not, majority of the mods are for the original version, while just a few require the dlcs. Newer ones are what is probably focused on special edition. You can probably get 10 years worth of content from older mods. :rofl:


At least 10 years… probably best @Danacscott doesn’t have SE because that could consume an entire lifetime :rofl:


Ah, that’s a relief. I can probably manage some basic things so the game doesn’t lag, say when I’m in battle, which I fear will be the most likely issue.

Once we can get up and running smoothly and not in 1st person view (which is super yuck), I can deal with that much. :slight_smile:


So the youtube channel Brodual Has an impressive list of available mods. If you’re still interested in a week or two I can find my old list, I installed and uninstalled 100’s of mods for Skyrim of all kinds, and I’d gotten pretty good around using LOOT and the NMM to tinker with things.

Most mods have been ported to Skyrim SE, and you can actually port them yourself with the knowhow, so I do recommend that. There are quite alot of mods that interact with the DLC’s in one way or another, so it would be good to have those if possible.