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A Skyrim thread without this video in it is heresy. :rofl:


This one is also a necessary inclusion:

I’m sworn to carry your burdens…


Wow. That was so calming and beautiful. Thank for helping us prevent the ‘heresy’, :slight_smile:


There is a collector’s guilt bubble above my head right now. Okay! As a summoner, likely I’d do no smithing (methinks) so that’s a lot of stuff not to pick up right there. Meep!

(This is why I’m also ignoring to temptation to try Thief - I’d pick up everything!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys! The other day my bestie says: I think I have a copy of Skyrim you know. Hm.

So it turns out she’d bought this: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition on my Fanatical account. O_O

Likely I gifted it to her already, but maybe I can play it via her Steam account (on my own compy) while she’s playing Sims 4? (horns)

What do you think? Worth it?


I heard that we must post all of Skyrim videos on the internet over here on this post? Is that correct? :smirk:


@Enki Why do people roast that actor so much, lol


Yes that is correct my fine sloth friend or at least until you take an arrow to the knee then your posts are no longer valid here. :smirk: