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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


At least i know now that i’m not the only one who thinks apex legends is a blackout/overwatch mash-up.


I think u should add Rainbow 6 Siege to that though; several things came straight from that too.

the game is rly well-optimized; i played a few games last night; apparently they worked 2 years on this, so i wouldn’t call this a quick cash grab actually, as lots of ppl apparently label it


He even mentions ring of elysium. He also says they took all the best stuff from the different games and slapped it together.


y the attachment thing; what i love MOST of all about this is that it automatically unequips attachments from guns u switch out and equips them to the gun u switch too when possible, which i don’t think any game has done ever till now?!?!?!


If I remember right, Ring of Elysium did it as well


could be; good on them then for this gameplay innovation; never played it but did watch some gameplay; i thought they did have the automatic attachment thing but not when switching guns…

dude yr avatar is just too freaky it takes me to that scene in Face/Off every single time, rofl


just won my first game, so now i can uninstall ez


dude yr avatar is just too freaky it takes me to that scene in Face/Off every single time, rofl

You’re welcome.

Also glad you had fun, I have yet to try the new map. Don’t uninstall yet, we could do a duo round if you want :stuck_out_tongue:


nah i mean apex legends, lol, not rly interested in ROE


oh… [i would insert the sad “okay.” rage face but that meme has unfortunately died in 2013]



in fact, give Apex Legends a shot




finish him, rofl:


so who’s playing this EU? @Fraggles u up to give this a try sometime?


apex legends?
i played a few games and i would very much like to play with someone
my usual friends did not want to :frowning:


loving this game a lot, just won 3rd game XD


games are good when you win xD

Im on PS4 if anyone wants to play with me :stuck_out_tongue:


10 million players! WTF

That’s an insane start; maybe this is the game that can actually compete with Fortnite after all; as it stands, they already have more concurrent players than PUBG

I myself got tired of PUBG quite fast as it was so badly optimized back in the day, and Fortnite just wasn’t my thing, as i dislike 3rd-person play in shooters, hate the building-mechanic (I don’t have dozens of hours to learn how to become good at that), and also don’t like their highly-“bloom”-affected shooting gameplay; the one game that got me excited to actually play a BR was COD Blackout, but that wasn’t accessible to me, and i am loving this game a lot atm, and it improves upon what i like about Blackout too


yo yr EU right? we can hook up some time



OMG this is the funniest shit ever