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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


How about one thread where we can get to know them all?

And another one enters the fray:


My opinion on Battle Royales


Spotted this on the accursed steam store front page.

Of course Hi-rez studios had to get on the bandwagon, bonus points for also being in early access, like everything they’ve ever done. Taking bets on if it will have microtransactions added before it’s released proper.


it’s quite popular with many big streamers atm; seems to be quite well-optimized too


Popular you say, I say they got paid to play it for a while :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


This one just reached Steam, but was already out since… I don’t know, these games are all the same.


Fractured Netherlands is more appropriate.


nah, they can’t do that anymore without disclosing it, so that’s not the case here



What do you guys think about mobile br?
Like Rules of Surivor, wasn’t that recently put on pc?

Apparently they did


my kids r loving it; it’s like the best game ever according to them (except fortnite, lol, but they can only play that on my pc now and then)


Right, because people have never ever done things ilegally :laughing:


At least the top down camera will bring something new to the table, nothing bad about being a 3rd person shooter, but when all of them are…, I wish they would at least go for different genres or gameplay mechanics :pensive:


Realm Royale is pulling 60k players atm, and TAB has pulled 28k (and 23k atm); that’s pretty insane compared to what Radical Heights achieved, which was only 12k


not saying that but most big streamers aren’t gonna be that stupid cuz ppl have gotten into trouble for that b4


If they are genuinelly playing and enjoying, good for them and Hi-Rez, but I don’t really put myself in front of a train for Hi-Rez. I bet this is just a “hey let’s try this new thing real quick” if it’s not for money.


BFV Multiplayer Reavel [edit: oh, he fixed it and made it reveal], so y, with BR, lol

I must say I do appreciate this trailer quite a lot more than the one they had last time


Found it too amusing not to share.


Fear the Wolves a stalker inspired battle royale.


i’ve heard a rumour, in the deep dark bowels of a place for groundbreaking dev & game creating, “area 52”, is a new ip
supposedly it’s going to be called “Battle Royale” -and it won’t have a battle royale mode :smirk: :smile:
tho there is also circulating rumours they are planning a dlc called “du fromage” :rofl: