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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


This game looks good so far i was so wrong.


i mean, i think u were right about this game completely killing COD’s BR though (mainly cuz they went f2p, lol)

haven’t seen much but from what i’ve seen so far this makes me no longer hope to one day play COD’s BR at all


I really like hero style gameplay. That portal ability Lirik used to get his team out of danger was pretty sick.


Instead of creating original games to challenge each other, they’d rather rip off a really terrible, over used genre for $$$–not even really trying on the game either. It is beyond embarrassing.


Anyone knows if this is squad-games only or if there is solo too?

This game seems to have quite some innovation to it though, wouldn’t say this is a rip-off at all.

The shooting mechanics and movement speed do resemble those of the COD BR, which is a good thing, but then it adds a ton of other things on top rly.


I’m pretty sure its squad only from what i heard but i could be wrong. Only thing i don’t get is the whole titanfall thing seems more like blackout with overwatch heroes. am i missing something?


i don’t know rly, but then again it’s a BR so i rly don’t care about the “lore” at all, rofl; to me the lore is that yr trying to be the last one standing

dude wtf, just switched to Shroud for a sec and watched him win, and then he casually says that’s the 6th in a row, rofl


True but they could of just made the game without even saying “Hey guys its set in the titanfall universe.”


makes sense to use yr brand to attract more players though


I guess i’m strange because what made me attracted to titanfall was the titans. :disappointed:


I didn’t play them, lol, just a bit of the story of the second one


I guess thats why i don’t make those million dollar deals. :grinning:



you just lost, dude, winner winner chicken dinner i win


Don’t make me go ninja on you and report you for killing me.


I have zero interest in any “battle royale” game or game mode. Ever.


that’s fine too; what do u like though?


off to a great start; Artifact it is not

(even @Gnuffi can’t stop playing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I heard Realm Royale is shit and nobody plays it. Just like their attempt at a hero shooter (it was called Paladins, right?). They should just stick to Smite and put more work into that.


The Culling and Radical Heights looked fun, but those are long dead, and I certainly don’t wanna enter kindergarten playgrounds like Fortnite, BFV, CSGO BR and Black Ops 4…

First off, two games I tried and that were actually fun to play:

Ring of Elysium. You might have seen the ads on YouTube, Battle Royale in the eye of a blizzard, with different equipment to traverse the ski resort map, such as a hang glider or a snowboard. It was basically PUBG meets Steep, pretty darn cool.
They started a new season recently and now it’s set in a beach resort in the summer, and I have yet to try it. I hope it’s still as fun as it was in the snow. Instead of the snow gear you now have a BMX or a Grappling Hook, the glider stayed, so you still got some nice tools at your disposal.

Speaking of snow, ever heard of Darwin Project?
10 inmates in a hexagonal arena made out of 7 hexagonal districts which close down one by one (either randomly by passage of time or by a human moderator). It’s cold, so players have to build fireplaces to warm up and cloaks for protection. On the offense you exclusively rely on an axe and a bow, both of which can be upgraded in various ways, and also you can build different types of traps. It’s really fun to play, especially with a group of friends where one plays as the moderator (who can spawn loot drops, close down zones and trigger certain ingame events).
It’s very different from other Battle Royales and definitely refreshing to try out (and not just because of the cold).

There once was a game called Tiger Knight, which was free to play but had a Battle Royale DLC. I bought it, just to realize nobody played the game at all, which is a damn shame. It brought Mount & Blade like combat to the Three Kingdoms era (early medieval China), which was great and a welcome change of pace compared to all the Battle Royale shooters with zero originality.

Then I remember Cuisine Royale to be pretty fun, from the guys over at Gaijin (War Thunder, Crossout), but I heard it turned to shite, which is sad, because the WW2 weapons and the silly power-ups and armor made out of pots and pans were all sure fun to play with.

Also there’s a game called Last Man Standing, apparently the Battle Royale mode for something called Shattered Skies? idk. I had to google search it to find the Steam page, because it doesn’t show up when you use Steam search to find it. So it’s safe to assume that game is dead, boi.


I just looked it up for my lengthy comment, and it is on Steam now and it’s still F2P. I’ve got high hopes for this, and hope it stays successful, it damn well deserves it. :ok_hand: