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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


Oh, here’s a relatively good battle royale one that’s free and suited for all ages:

REC ROOM just went from VR exclusive to also include a desktop mode AND they got RecRoyale rooms (solo and team play) which aren’t bad at all. The only downside: If you have VR, you can teleport, so its a bit harder playing with keyboard and mouse, versus someone with VR.


well, this is unexpected (at least to me):

mind u, it’s not exclusively a BR; BR is just a feature, but u know

this might be the biggest player number BR to come atm though, as they can host 1000 players on a server, though they don’t seem to say that they will have 1000-player BR going on (there is another huge player number BR coming next year too: see next post)

they also have a Battle Pass which more or less copies Fortnite’s battle pass (which Rocket League also did with their Rocket Pass)


1000-player BR:


It’s really not all that surprising. Daybreak is desperate, and H1Z1 didn’t pan out. They’ve been sitting on an MMO with lukewarm reception and playercount issues, which just happens to be an FPS in a large environment with squad support.

The only surprise to me was actually seeing the PlanetSide name somewhere, since I forgot it exists.


That’s the unexpected part; that’s exactly what i mean; i didn’t expect anything planetside to come out at all


1000-player BR (supposedly) - 100-player-only open beta



I don’t understand what’s the point in them doing battle royale stand alone at all except probably trying to make a quick buck, because I doubt the veterans that love Planetside 2 will stick with this… they could have made just new continents that are way smaller (they kinda did that with the tutorial continent - Koltyr) and alter the rules when you decide to go there. Doesn’t look to be that graphically improved from Planetside 2 and I played it for year and a half straight … it’s pretty unique experience even on dropping down to 30 fps in 100 vs 100 battles.

Me not liking this genre will for sure guarantee not touching this, but welp … I can still relieve the world record we set up back in the day. All the modes they want to include can be done in the already existing game which still has it’s loyal playerbase up to this day and it’s no trouble to have tons of fun in it.


that’s what all these studios are after right now y, just a quick piece of the fortnite cake, lol


Are you guys ready for the Titanfall battle royale named Apex Legends?


Lirik was actually hoping to play this today, rofl


If it goes pew pew Lirik will play it.


lets have the original source talk about the game shall we :stuck_out_tongue:

no credit gamespot gets no respect from me xD


I put as much effort into my post as the devs will probably put into the game. I mean all the sources i read and saw pretty much say there are no titans in the titanfall game so is it really titanfall or more cod advance warfare/blackout.


yep 100% haha

just trying to get my news boi some likes :stuck_out_tongue: it’s his first big news scoop and no news centres are crediting his discovery, only IGN put it in and they were told to do it.

I mean look at this “We’ve known for a while that Respawn has been working on another Titanfall title” what a load of bull xD no credit for him whatsoever.


A big mech Battle Royale could be a lot of fun though. You start in a bare aliens like powerloader and have to break open factories and hangars looking for modules to kit it out with. Just calling down a mech like it works in titanfall isn’t going to work very well if all the gear you’re finding around the map are for humans.

Though of course what I REALLY want is a larger scale Mechwarriors online without the p2w BS.


so anyway, anyone have the TL;DR on this?

is this the actual thing or just what u think would be cool?


No that was just my suggestion on how a big mech BR could be done.


This guy xD

“they did not respond within an hour, so I did my due diligence”

Like uuuuuuh, people have a life maybe? xD


they still haven’t responded this day.

anyway so guys apparently the developers also say that the micro transactions in this game are all cosmetic, “like overwatch” it has been described, so if they keep that up it will be okay, if its on ps4 I might look it up, the big thing really is that it is a titanfall game with no damn titans, is there a canonical reason? I don’t know, we’ll see hopefully.


well, looks like EA finally gave me a reason to reinstall Origin…