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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


This is actually good:


I just registered for a “Dying Light: Bad Blood” Beta, which is probably Techlands take on the battle royale thing.

When did everyone start to call the classic “King of the Hill” mode like that? … and can we please go back to that?

The only Battle Royale there shall be is this:


y, that’s what he was streaming when i posted the link; it’s rly good


cod br looking pretty good, would love to play this [lol COD finally comes out with something I’d like to play and now i wont be able to cuz they no longer sell on steam wtf]


A cool BR to look out for is ROE ( Ring of Elysium) heard about this game thanks to Deadmau5 early this year when he streamed it, It’s been pretty fun testing out the east asain version of the game off and on and if it stays Free to play once it launches on steam it might have the power to over take PUBG.


basically 100% percent pubg clone, but better optimized, lol


Kinda, The only thing different is this new Winter mode for ROE where there could be up to four winners per a match, but they have to make it to the rescue heli before the storm hits.


hm, didn’t know about that; guess i’ll see it sooner or later in someone’s stream :slight_smile:


Right now there’s no doubt in my mind that COD is winning this battle atm; this is the first truly good (and optimized) BR game i think

ofc that goes for Fortnite too, but to me 3-rd person doesn’t rly count; for me it’s all about FPS (+ i rly dislike bloom, that’s just a shitty mechanic for a shooter, and i never rly got into it cuz i dislike the building mechanic too in fact)


But is COD really a BR studio though? I ask because the sudden grab for BR for many studios was put all the eggs into the basket, but with COD it was kind of a 'hey, lets add this new game-mode because ‘Zombies, Multiplayer and Campaign’ (to quote the back matter on black ops 2) isn’t that difficult for us to make at this point. Also, COD doesn’t really ‘win’ anything in my book, it just has so much inertia in sales and buying base (I wouldn’t necessarily say fanbase) that whatever it does seems to be successful…


I made this thread and to me this includes all gaming studios who produce a BR game; most of these studios made other games before they attempted BR so otherwise it could be argued that close to none are truly BR-studios

I’m just saying this is hands-down the best BR atm (according to me), and they obviously didn’t just throw it in, they actually adapted certain mechanics for this mode and i think they nailed it; im quite surprised it’s so well-optimized for pc and such a high player count (compared to what they usually deal with) as well


Fair points, I was just wondering because COD has always been on a class of its own… The release of the game, and its ensuing market dominance seems to have changed the way other games are released and COD hasn’t seemed to be an innovator in the field of mechanics/market trends, but rather simply aping things (scummy business practices aside) other companies did well… They grew more and more Sci-fi like HALO, gears of war etc. until Battlefield went back to basics, then seeing how well that worked for them they copied that. I guess I am saying that COD is now a fairly risk averse property when it comes to formula.

And again, other than their competition with the usual suspects (battlefield, and maybe some other ‘AAA’ shooters) COD is an adult at the kids table when it comes to sales and other factors. I guess I was just checking what the criterion was for saying they were ‘Winning’ the BR.

Finally: a point of clarification. What did you mean by:

Because I tend to think that COD games have fairly enormous playerbases (at least at launch/beta stage, and especially when a new gimmick is introduced so players can ensure they have a competitive edge when the game goes live)


I meant the player count/map, they usually have like, what? 10-12 players? and now they have 88 and i heard it will become 100, and it works rly well and is more optimized in its beta than PUBG after all this time

as for everything else u said, i agree 100%; COD has been dead to me ever since the first BO, and i’ve grown tired of BF and Star Wars BF too, so i guess i’m done with the genre, but i would love to get this COD only and just for its BR mode, and sadly i cant cuz they’re no longer on Steam now, lol


Gotcha that makes a lot more sense now.


So? I don’t see a problem with especially when you can add it to steam anyway and launch it from there


I can’t buy shit online, so i can’t buy shit from (I play Hearthstone and used to play HOTS and Overwatch [was gifted]); i can buy shit on steam cuz i trade on the steam market


Ah, makes sense lol. Just a question, how much have you made from trading?


I buy most games at discounted prices (from Steam sales), but I’ve also bought several at full price (gta V and Kindom Come at $60, for example)

I also have $204 steam wallet right now, and my 2916 owned items are worth a few hundred $ too (according to an estimate by OPskins a few months ago it was $700, but i take that with a big grain of salt)

Mind you, I only once bought a $20 steam wallet card just to get started and to gain access to the Steam marketplace


holy moly


y but 4553 trades made, and 66,969 market transactions, rofl; that’s a lot of work over 3.5 years now