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Surprise shop drop!


I’m already hyped :smiley:


The multiplayer portion is that we have to compete against each other to get keys :sob:




I do love a timer that ends with -ish.
Cheers for the heads up on this.




Hint: A & M


I’m an idiot. I saw this and thought wow, new games in 18 minutes… it’s 18 hours. :man_facepalming:




I have my fire ready to go. Get ready to get toasted if need be, people.



SoonTM -ish


Ooh boy countdowns! I think I might be on a plane when it goes live :frowning:

I’m not sure what NAN o clock equates to though.


I think it’s short for “Not a Number”.

Texas A&M?




Especially when those keys drop. It has been nice knowing you all. :rofl:


Oh well…spent all my coins on The Descendant anyway :sleepy:


The count down seems to be at 0, wonder what it could be. :blush:


count down timer hyyyype :yum:

-side note; how many is sitting there just waiting to hit refresh ½second to counter running out?.. :raised_hand: :rofl:


I won’t have enough coins and it’ll be a beta key to the newest fanciest call of duty I can feel it :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

oh or maybe it’s that veggie FPS…I won’t have enough coins :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I swear guys, if this is some “poop in my soup” shooter I’ll derecommend this page everywhere forever, that’s NOT FUNNY it never was



Well, nice, I love that game, thank you Chrono!

There’s more! :open_mouth:

A skin, an avatar, some coins and 3 tokens, actually fine for 5k coins :smile:


I am now (made it through all my plane flights! I’m so exhausted). Hoping this is pretty good but not 40k coins good, I’ve only got 27k