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Surprise shop drop!


lol, it’s the Minion Masters thingy, rofl


It’s also Aftercharge!%20-%20Vivaldi

I am considering getting aftercharge, but idk if anyone would play it with me :I


i’ve just no clue what it contains, there is no description (yet) so i’m kinda curious what it has


It is


Bro read above, I just redeemed it haha


yeah, that i don’t rly understand, but i never got into the game anyway, although it does look like fun and i did initially get it from the coin shop here, lol


Hoi, could’ve been there’s poop in my soup


here’s hoping for next time!


off topic note, this just happened

how to make up for missed days, grab coins from the future :joy:


I’m confused isn’t Minion Masters free to play?


it is, but it has mtx, so what you are getting is basically some of those goodies for free with coins instead of buying it (if you play the game ofc)


:frowning: I have so many copies of minion masters already, dont need anymore lol. Oh well, I’ll keep just saving my coins. I love multiplayer co-op games, was hoping to see a decent one that I hadn’t heard of to try out. Hopefully some of you guys have fun with these ones though, and yes we cant really complain about free coin games either so its all good :slight_smile:


It’s not a copy of Minion Masters, it’s a code you can redeem in Minion Masters itself, granting you various rewards (e.g. coins, spins, skin and avatar)

Aftercharge is cross-play with Xbox One as well (which is included in the Game Pass service over there) in case you want to play with someone.


So I might be able to play with you once I get a new controller.


A big meh!


Just to confirm, the Minion Masters code isn’t a Steam key?


Correct. It’s a code you can redeem in Minion Masters.


Thanks! The description is easily misinterpreted:


Thanks for the feedback, will adjust!


ah ok that makes sense. Still not really sure why I have all these steam gifts of it when it is now F2P.