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Suggestion Games to add


Some of us don’t get on every day :cry:


But what about the COINS?
See this is what you get when you stop emphasising the streaks.


I was told by the authorities once to stop streaking… oh nvm wrong type.


sign up on ITAD, import or make your wishlist, (makes game shopping/notifications easier just there already)
also a solid option:
sign up for chrono newsletter, twitter and notifications, rss (or even the deal bot/reminder git thingy), that way you get told about the games, even if you don’t visit, and you can check the msg to see if it’s a game you want or that warrant your visit/purchase :+1:


What about emails???..And…what @Gnuffi said.


People at my workplace think that email is the devil :rofl:


this is why you should just assimilate"link up" with the collective, like using your phone, smart watch, googlefied “eyeballs” or matrix jack straight into the cortex :smiling_imp:
can you hear the voices?
“join the feeds”



My Chrono wishlist, and the only games (outside of el cheapo bundles) that I can see myself buying right now.

Child of Light

9054 ratings, 92% positive

I’d prefer that Uplay wasn’t required, but, for me, it’s not a deal breaker.

Hidden Folks

2,977 ratings, 97% positive


15425 ratings, 95% positive

What Remains of Edith Finch

7406 ratings, 95% positive


Space hulk:deathwing
Rogue system
Hot lava
Stormworks:build and rescue
Slime rancher
Osiris:new dawn
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Angels fall first


Agents of Mayhem
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Dying Light
Hollow Knight
Kerbal Space Program
Night in the Woods
Nioh: Complete Edition
Slime Rancher
Stardew Valley
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles


Hm… actually, Agents of Mayhem would be great for either Chrono option. That game had its rep soiled by a rushed launch, and Volition really suffered for it. Like Homefront: The Revolution, sales might be able to help clear their names now that everything is in working order.

I recently saw this video pop up in my Recommended tab, and I think he [Flippy] lends some great insight as to where it all went wrong.


Hotline Miami 2
Slap City
Pony Island
The Room


@lonin Maybe this game?


you can add halo 1 or 2 pls


Link to the Steam store pages for those games?
Aside from the fact that even if it were possible, it’s not very likely because of who owns the IP.


Some games I’ve enjoyed and think others would too:

Duskers by Misfits Attic

Caves of Qud by Freehold Games

Delver by Priority Interrupt

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) by Thomas Biskup


I think Graveyard Keeper
Organ Trail: Directors Cut
Stick Fight: The Game
Golf with your friends
Feel the snow
or maybe “Castle in the darkness.”
would be good games for the Coin Shop!


It would be nice to see CS:GO.


Maybe Death Road To Canada? I have both IOS and Android versions but can’t afford PC.