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Suggestion Games to add


I just want PUBG!


I have a few ideas of some games you could use(mainly because i want some) BUT thats besides the point. I think these are some great games relatively in the price range many of your other games have been. there are multiplayer, singleplayer and coop games in this list hopefully to appeal to many people. also some of these you may have done already but this is just a list I came up with that id like to see.

Pit People
Enter The Gungeon
Absolute Drift
Duck Game
Too the Moon or Finding Paradise (same developer and connected story)
Laser League
Wolfenstein: New Order or Old Blood

Not many games but some good games nonetheless.


Did you ever hear back on whether you could get any free keys for Airscape: The Fall of Gravity? On top of that being a game I’m interested in, I still think that would be one of the more attainable goals in this thread.


Hm, if this thread’s still going, I suppose I’ve got a few recommendations for good Chrono games.

Deponia 1 (Coin Shop) or Complete Journey (Deal)
Shadowrun Returns (Coin Shop) or Triple Pack (Deal)
ZOMBI (formerly known as ZombiU) (Deal)
Darksiders Warmastered (Gamescom event for Coin Shop?)


The only thing about the Deponia games is that aside from Doomsday, the others have been bundled up so many times that pretty much everyone will have them (heck, the first three were part of the $1 tier in a really recent humble). Also, point and click, much as I hate to admit it, is a niche genre. I’d be concerned that they’d linger.

Same sort of argument could possibly be applied to the Shadowrun games, which have been given away (the first and I’m sure one or both of Hong Kong and/or Boston Lockdown)


I thought about that, but the same could be said about Guns of Icarus Online or Red Orchestra 2, just to name some current examples.

I was thinking more in terms of developers that have reason to be giving out their backcatalogue, as THQ Nordic is releasing Darksiders III in November and Daedalic is about to release a new IP called State of Mind in August.


No only do I agree with that, but I’ll also add that Deponia is, imho, not a good point and click game at all.

I would be very saddened to see people invest one or all of three things in it: coins, money or time.

So please, Chrono, don’t. Rufus is an idiot, the puzzles are ridiculous, the story has several potholes and who the hell would want to spend time with Deponia, of all point and click games on the surface of God’s green Earth, when they could instead play:

Wadjet Eyes
Gemini Rue
The Blackwell Series

Raw Fury
Kathy Rain

Terrible Toybox
Thimbleweed Park

The Night of the Rabbit

Amanita Design
Samorost 2

Peltast Software
Why Am I Dead at Sea

Phoenix Online Publishing
The Last Door - Collector’s Edition
The Last Door: Season 2 - Collector’s Edition

Rival Games Ltd
The Detail

KISS ltd
The 39 Steps

Telltale Games
Puzzle Agent
Puzzle Agent 2

Devolver Digital

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest

Rusty Lake
All 3 Rusty Lakes

Year Walk

Owl Cave
The Charnel Hourse Trilogy

Joe Richardson
Four Last Things

Screen 7
The Cat Lady

Jonas Kyratzes
The Sea Will Claim Everything

Killmonday Games AB
Fran Bow

The Curse of Monkey Island
I had to

I’m a big p&c junkie and imho if Chrono ever decides to add any of these to the coin shop or the store they’d be great additions to the library of anyone who’s into the genre.

A few things:

One of the Beckett developers, Simon, is my friend on steam and he’s also a great guy. They’re looking for ways to promote their game so this might be a great opportunity for both Chrono and them. It’s a brilliant game that I personally also wish had more visibility.

I’m pretty sure that Chrono probably already talked to publishers like Wadjet Eyes, Amanita, Daedalic, Telltale and Devolver but I thought I’d put in a word for their p&c games as well. So… plis try agan?


i like everything amplitude does
i recommend all their games but my favourite is dungeon of the endless
it might have already been on the site, i can’t remember
and i really dont know how big they are, so how likely that they would aggree to a sale


Well allow me to disagree. I think they’re great point and click games. Very reminiscent of the Lucas arts golden age titles, but with germans trying to write jokes. The humour ends up kind of stilted and weird as a result which I found rather amusing in and of itself. The story as it develops over the three games (have not played doomsday yet) is pretty decent as well and the puzzle designs are unreasonable and stupid, just like you’d expect.

The main character is thoroughly unlikable though and I can see why some might be turned off the games due to that early on. But it’s like they realised that most point and click ‘heroes’ are really just sociopaths and decided to play it straight.


Quickly hopping off the rails to defend Deponia:

I didn’t really have any of these problems with Deponia. Its puzzles, theme, and even characters are all not only competent but even memorable. They’re right under the Tim Schafer titles in my book, and that’s quite a compliment. That said, I’ve only played the original, Chaos (2) up to about the halfway point, and haven’t touched Goodbye (3) or Doomsday (4?).

Bad Character is Good Character

The character feels very self aware for the most part-- I love the fact that you’re a point-and-click character that stuck around town for too long, and has a reputation for being a thieving arrogant kleptomaniac. Something I also noticed in Deponia is that Rufus actually has a good arc to his personality, and starts to learn from his mistakes (with my biggest issue in Chaos on Deponia being that this is thrown out the window in favor of more silly shenanigans).

The whole game feels very well centered around this, and knows what it wants to be: a morally dubious and lighthearted adventure game where you’ll see a potential solution, go “no… you wouldn’t…” and sit there in a mix of shock and applause as you see some of the dumbest scenes you’ve ever witnessed play out.

Oh, those silly Germans

I actually felt like a lot of the humor translated quite well. The voice acting is sometimes a little weird, but it’s definitely not Spiders-level jankiness… my biggest issue was audio QUALITY, and the sequels don’t have this problem. Despite the fact that it feels a bit childish at times, I actually love the different characters you run into across the series and all the different things they bring to the table. I just got through the Unorganized Crime syndicate and Rock Paper Scissors tournament in Chaos, and each new puzzle (aside from actually making some form of game-logical sense and being genuinely well thought-out puzzles) has a new surprise in store. It really gives you the sense of a guy gaming the system to get his way. It’s all presented in a fun and lighthearted way that makes me forgive it for the occasional time it takes a joke a little too far.

Takes notes, Sierra

I really mean it about those puzzles, by the way. They make logical sense, at least in context of the game, and I can only remember one puzzle in the entire series (so far, I’m about halfway through 2) where I missed a cue/hint as to what I was supposed to do. Deponia 2 does suffer from “Rubacava Syndrome” in that you’ll be stuck in a single expansive town where all plot threads/puzzles are happening simultaneously, which can be both overwhelming and a bit boring after a while, but overall I still enjoyed the puzzle designs on their own, not to mention some of the great set-ups to these puzzles.

That said, translated comedy can be a mixed bag. @coralinecastell Were you playing a localized Brazilian Portuguese version of the game? It’s possible that a few of the translations may be a bit rough.


:joy: "ze germans"

i’m dying here :smile:


I have a lot of these already but…:gift_heart:


Right, ok.

Of course that out of the huge list of games I used my hate of Deponia to send, people get hold up on my opinion.


That’s great, guys.

They don’t have to be. I’m not sure why most of them are. A good example of a game that doesn’t, as is better without it, is Primordia.

I don’t think that that’s the case, “most” seems like a stretch, but since I haven’t played all p&c games ever or even the majority of the big ones, I can’t say. Maybe you’re right. Guybrush seems fine by me, though. But I may like him too much to begin with haha

That sounds awesome! Glad you had fun. Seems it would take me some hours to get there, though, but I bet I’d like that bit too.

Hah! Hadn’t heard that before. If it makes any sense, that translates well what I felt about Skyrim.

I know you meant no offense, but I actually felt slightly turned off that you’d ask me this. I’ve not only been working as a translator and interpreter since I was 13 – I know, I know, laws and stuff, I live in Brazil, bear with me – and am aware of the problems a poorly made translation can bring, but I’m also the kind of person who not only went insane for two months seeking out the best translation of War and Peace – it’s this one –, but also learned a bit of French just to kind of understand the mocking tone Tolstoy applied to Napoleon.

No I… didn’t play it in Portuguese.

I don’t think I was clear enough on why I don’t like Deponia, but then again I don’t think I have to be. Those who like it, like it. I’m glad Daedalic – a studio I was once obsessed about but then life happened – made heaps of money out of it and have great projects underway exactly because of the commercial success games like Deponia made. If all their games sold and played like A New Beginning, we’d all lose in the long run.

Then again, the original point of my post regarding the small Deponia bit that was not meant to be the center of it, was to add to the valid points @xist already presented that it has been bundled time and time again, is currently 90% off on Steam and the majority of people who could like such a ‘niche’ game already have it. For years.

So these more valid logistical points on top, I don’t think it’d be a good addition to Chrono regardless if it’s the best game ever made or the shittiest.

Sorry for being pedantic, but that’s that.


I apologize for the translation comment. I kind of thought about it last minute, and I didn’t mean for it to sound like that-- it was only due to my own experience with some mediocre dubs.

Slight spoilers for Mars War Logs, but still my go-to for one of the flattest VA line deliveries in any game I’ve played:

I can get why someone wouldn’t like Deponia. It’s very much an acquired taste, and has a somewhat offputting style of humor at times. After all, part of the reason I quit Chaos in the first place was that I didn’t like where it was going-- now, suddenly, I guess I like that kind of story. Hard to explain what changed, but eh :man_shrugging:

I do get your point as to why it might not be as desired, but at the same time, Guns of Icarus Online and several other games have seen distribution via the Coin Store. That’s why I don’t think it would be out of place for a 2500-ish coin game, since Daedalic has both Deponia Doomsday to continue selling and State of Mind up for preorders.

I also really like that term, “Rubacava Syndrome.” I thought of it by accident, and it has a really nice ring to it. It’s named after Year 2 of Grim Fandango, where you spend the entire time in Rubacava. It’s a giant interconnected port town where you have four different objectives all going at once, all overlapping at various intervals, and has several of the game’s almost-objectively weakest puzzles (with the worst by far being the cat-races forgery). It’s just too much to take in, and it leaves you anchored in an area that begins to lose its charm the longer you stay around. It was definitely the closest I got to quitting Grim Fandango early, and I feel like a lot of point-and-clicks suffer from the same issue.

Somehow, despite having massive open worlds, Skyrim (as you mentioned) and Just Cause 3 both have this problem as well. It all feels the same regardless of where you are, so once again, it’s all just quests piled up on top of the same general “area.” If you gave me any region of Just Cause 2 or Red Faction Guerrilla and asked me to point to it on the map, I could probably give you a rough estimate no less than 0.5km off… but in JC3 or Skyrim, I’d circle the entire map and go “…there?”

Anyway, I’ll give up my rabid defense of Deponia now :zipper_mouth_face:


Papers, please, please?


Thanks for the apology, means a lot. It’s just that some things hit people in uncomfortable places for reasons not even them understand, and I guess that’s how it goes when you’re human.

HOw DarE hE TAkE youR THinGs???

Brilliant. I fail to see the problem here.

Boy I remember that. And the reason I remember that is because I also quit it at that point haha! I need to finish Grim for fs sake. And probably use a guide for Rubacava in your honor just because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yeah, it’s the sole reason I could never get into Skyrim or Stardew Valley or Terraria. And the reason I like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning so much. It’s pretty darn linear for an RPG game and I like that because excessive freedom actually freezes me. I think it’s why I liked TW3 so much as well, there was this – to me – very clear main quest to follow when I panicked over the piles of ?s on the map and side quests.

Yeah, I’m done as well. Tbh I’ve been done since 2010, so I’ll join you and shut my mouth.


Of course we’ll argue with you regarding the opinions you put forth, that’s what is worth arguing about. We never said you were wrong though, did we? I just offer my own opposing opinion.

It’s probably true for Primordia that it is better without stupid unreasonable puzzles, but it isn’t true for Deponia. As I said I find that they hearken back to the old classics and the puzzle design is both a comment on as well as an homage to those. The whole game is ridiculous so the stupid puzzles fits the theme.

Yes maybe. But there’s certainly a trope going on there, even if it’s unintentional. I admit I was mainly considering the ‘heroes’ of old from the classic Sierra and Lucas Arts games. Guybrush definitely has a sociopat streak to him. Modern games maybe not as much, I have yet to play that many of them.

As for translations, in the English version even there’s notable issues here and there. I could certainly tell that some jokes just didn’t translate properly and some conversations flowed less than naturally. But maybe you played it in German and got the ‘as intended’ unadulterated experience the rest of us missed out on.


Would love to see Slay the Spire on Chrono :smiley:


Are you just being facetious here or?



edit, beat me to it fraggles :+1: :smile: