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There is nothing about Valve if you said about Black Mesa. Developer - Crowbar Collective is a very small indie group and Valve isn’t a part of the development of the game.


What about CrossCode, Mother Russia Bleeds, Hover: Revolt of Gamers, or Voodoo Vince Remastered? Definitely something I’d like to see on the store.




i kinda wanna see sanctuaryRPG one way heroics plus and the complete collection of SOTS the pit


please tempt my wallet with extraordinary deals on these titles @lonin
:heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

(edit: i don’t like to support gearbox publishing so had to remove We Happy Few from list because new partnership)

Death to Spies: Gold - 9/10/17 - $2

Nice list. Of the games I don’t already have, I would love to see The Sexy Brutale, For the King, Seasons After Fall, Stardew Valley, RONIN, and Little Nightmares on Chrono.

Might I also suggest:

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Kingdoms and Castles
Immortal Planet
Sky Rogue
Mr. Shifty
The Tragedy of Prince Rupert
Tokyo 42
Shadow Bug
The Flame in the Flood

Upcoming Games

Last Day of June
Unto The End
Death’s Gambit
Ghost Song
Wizard of Legend
Battle Chasers: Nightwar

And finally… Dead Cells PLEASE! :grin:


Enter The Gungeon was bundled? Oo


@Gnuffi and anyone else interested, The Sexy Brutale is currently on sale on the Humble Store for $9.99 (50% off)


What I would really, really love to find in the Coin Shop is the original Metal Slug game. The first one. Sure, the games that came after the first ones were great too but I liked how the original game was pretty much military/diesel-punk (amidoingthisright?) and it was just that. Any thoughts on this suggestion and perhaps any possibility of this being a thing?


wait, wasn’t it?
i could swear i had seen it in one, devolver bundle or something… hmmm… -i wonder if i had mistaken the Wasted icon/thumbnail/poster in another bundle for enter the gungeon, wouldn’t have been the first time i switched those two up (despite not being all that similar lol)


yea i just noticed that when bundle deal changed (meh a psn bundle this time bleh)
hmm… so mighty tempting… (and i got distracted last time on steam)
any plans for Chrono to Brutal(e) outdo this Sexy deal on humble “soon’ish” @lonin?

i think there are so many of us @DanosaurJr that would love a good deal on Dead Cells
personally i think i’m too worried about getting “spoiled” because of E.A., so i would like to play it when it’s “done”. But i doubt i could keep my hands of it if i got it “sooner” than it was completed, and maybe not “remember” to play it again when fully released…
Early Access can sadly put “half played” games far far down in the backlog again


According to IsThereAnyDeal it wasn’t, but I can wholeheartedly recommend this game. I preordered it back then and it was my favorite game of 2016. It reminded me why I’m a gamer in the first place and really revived my passion for the medium. If you’re into rogue-likes-lites-likelites then pick it up asap :smiley:


yea, i watched TB’s Chrono promo stream of the game, back in January/February i think it was, and then when i was done mulling it over and convinced myself “later”, the deal had switched lol
then during steam summer sale, i got stubborn, and refused to pick it over others with “better” discounts vs budget, despite Gungeon being the better game and well worthy of “only” the 50% discount (sometimes summer sale discount rules/“principles” bite yer in the butt lol)


Definitely know what you mean. I’m usually a real cheapskate when it comes to buying videogames because for me it’s the number 1 reason why you can call PC gaming a master race. Nowhere else can you find discounts as steep as on Steam and thw websites around it. Enter The Gungeon is the only game I ever preordered on PC, just sayin’. Worth every cent. :stuck_out_tongue:



for pre-ordering!

I’m entirely with you on cheapscate gaming though. I try my very best to spend as little on games as I can. Last game I payed full price for, that I can recall was Witcher 3. Did not pre-order it though! Now that was worth the price.


I just have this “rule” during Summer/Winter sale, that states “80% and up”, 75% can be considered if “really want it”, but anything below is a no-go, because it’s not a spur of the moment purchase, unlike games i’d might consider that i really want to try where price often don’t matter as much,
so in order to save as much for my “budget”, spur of the moment enticements must be disregarded, for another day ;), in order to not eat too much into the “deal-specific” allocated budget
some of the games i have i would never have bought if it wasn’t done “off sale-season”, but “allowed”, because “spur of the moment” heh,
(even if it was a deliberately calculated “spur of the moment” purchase haha :joy_cat:)
no breaking the “rules”, juuuust bending them enough, to suit the game desire :ghost:


Please consider offfering Silicon Zeroes. I would buy it at an instant. Its a niche but you offered SHENZEN I/O as well so that might fit




I would love to see csgo


I think a little bit of perspective is in order. A Valve game is not going to feature as either a Daily Deal or in the Coin Shop. Why not? Because Valve.