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Suggestion Games to add


Left 4 Dead 2
Mafia II
Mortal Kombat X
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Hopes for future coin shop games
Coin shop
Games I Think Would Be Cool For The Coinshop
Games for future sale
Games for future sale
Game Suggestions for the Coin Shop.
Any chance we will see a Foxhole sale?

Those are some awesome games, they’ll be really tough to get, but we’ll see what we can do!


Some more


Deadlight: Director’s Cut

Starpoint Gemini 2

Youtubers Life



Great suggestions! :slight_smile:


Been hoping to see Legend of Grimrock 2 for a while now. Loved the original game and enjoy games along a similar vein (Stranger in Sword City for example), so that’s my suggestion as it stands!


That’s definitely one on our list as well. Keep an eye out! :slight_smile:


I would personally love to see the game Drunken Robot Pornography on here.


I’ve wanted (not sure why I haven’t bought it yet, probably because I only buy games on sale) “Age of Decadence” for a long time.

If you ever get “XCOM2” or the “Master of Orion” remake I’ll happily buy.


Great suggestions guys, we’ll reach out and see what we can do!


Arma would be awsome


Rimworld would be awesome too, and since it’s made by a small developer, i dont think its that hard to get :smiley:


Um, let’s see… We need to have crazy fun so a game of Saint’s Row would be of course cool. For some cool FPS experience you could also put Battlefield 3. Finally for some RPG Fallout 3 or New Vegas would be great. The community really should support this page because it really would be useful if the admins/owners of the page gives feedback and we could pick the games we want. This website is a great place and I would love to see it grow bigger.


Those are some heavy hitters! We’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:


Here’s a more realistic suggestion: Super Mutant Alien Assault
Saw this one on TotalBiscuit’s channel today (So you got this part covered with a video from him) and it seems to be a rather small indie studio.
Obviously I just want a good deal, but that’s something worth considering! Hasn’t been that cheap anywhere.

Don’t know why the link isn’t working, here it is


Ooh that looks cool. I love Super Crate Box too. We’ll reach out!


Would love to see Gang Beasts, or Helldivers on a sale :3
Both are really awesome games!


Oh is Gang Beats the sequel to Gang Beasts?! :wink:


@lonin Do you guys have any preferences/policies on games you would avoid?
I understand that AAA games may be hard to get, but are there any games/genre you would outright not sell?


We don’t have any rules set in stone, so we’re happy to consider pretty much anything. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that we wouldn’t sell are “adult” titles.


But I wrote Gang Beasts, can’t you read? ._.
(I totally not edited the post c:)