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Suggestion Games to add


I looked through my original Steam account to find some games I forgot about. Here are some or the more interesting ones that Chrono hasn’t sold yet.

Daedalus - No Escape
Democracy 3
Hexcells (any of the trilogy)
How to Survive
Nimble Quest
Orbital Gear
Pix the Cat


or lovers in a dangerous space time and magicite


I wonder the games are in coin shop all from admin buying or co-operate with pub/dev, like an advertising. If admin clearly state about that then we will know which games we should suggest, because:

  • If you buy them, then we can suggest any games on Earth, from Indie to AAA.
  • But if you co-operate with pub/dev, like an ads strategy, then the selection can’t be that wide, mostly only indie pub/dev can be reached in this case.

Anw my suggestion:
+) Flinthook - this is a new game, from an indie dev, but quickly become a trend now, I believe they need to promote their game more somehow, should be a good chance for coin shop.

In case you want more:
+) Monsters and Monocles
+) Kingdom Rush/Kingdom Rush Frontiers
+) Move or Die
+) Rampage Knights
+) The Sea Will Claim Everything
+) Guns, Gore & Cannoli
+) Slain: Back from Hell
+) Secrets of Grindea
+) Candle

All are absolutely beautiful game, and i believe they deserve more awareness than what they’re having now.


Not sure if the game has already been sold here but I would like to see Banished either in a Daily Deal or as a Coin Game (either the Steam version or the GoG version).


How about Pathologic? Get people hyped for the remake :slight_smile:!

Top 1 Hidden Gem Game That MUST Be Played Before You Die!!

I would love to see some classic/retro games. They’re the best!


Really appreciate your point of view here!


Enter the Gungeon
Papers, Please
Kerbal Space Program
Gang Beasts


All great games, we’ve even sold 2 of em! We’ll definitely try and get the others.


Dead Cells

Can’t help myself stop thinking about it, a chance to get it a bit cheaper on Chrono Store or even a dream it will be add to coin shop.


Someone mentioned

in another thread here and I had never heard anything about it at all before then, nor since. But it seems like a really neat little title that is due to release May 31st. It’s a little short notice but maybe doing a release day deal for it would be beneficial for everyone involved.


More 2D action platformers. Those are my bread and butter. I love seeing obscure games that I otherwise may not have heard of. Try Wings of Vi if only to spread awareness of the WOV community. It’s awesome.


Here’s some worthy title. Cheers!

Borealys Games
Mages of Mystralia

Corbie Games
Bounty train

Heartbit Interactive
Doom & Destiny advanced

Infinite Fall
Night in the woods

The curious expedition

Motion Twin
Dead Cells

Night School Studio



Schell Games
I expect you to die

Shiro Games

Team Cherry
Hollow Knight

Tequila Works
The Sexy Brutale

Terrible Toybox
Thimbleweed Park

Wube Software LTD.

Zadbox Entertainment


PEZ, The Crypt Of The NecroDancer, Castel Crashers, Stardew Valley and The Binding Of Isaac are pretty cool


Project Zomboid, Zuma or other PopCap’s games…Oozi: Earth Adventure looks nice

I’d love some oldschool games, Crazy Taxi, ID Software’s old games, AvP Classic 2000 n’ all that… dunno if you ever think of placing some classics on the store at any time

Sega Genesis games would also be awesome :smiley:


These are some games I know about (games that I have played, games that I can recommend)
And these are some games that I think multiple people would want

I know Terraria is a great game, which you can buy in a 4-pack. (so if there’s a sale, terraria is very cheap)

Risk of Rain also proves to be a very nice game, with the same situation as Terraria.

Deathspank is a great, funny, yet old game.

Shank is a game about a man who loses his wife and has to fight to get her back, a beat-em-up like gameplay style with variation in fighting and satisfying bosses.

Duckgame is a great co-op game loved by many, but the problem is that not as much people have it.
(To play online mode and such)

Starbound and Stardew valley are quite popular, people would still like those games as well.


Some games that are cheao and good (in my opinion):
-Out there somewhere
-Mini ghost
-Momodora: Revive under the moonlight
-Tekken 7 (ok no) XD


Im thinking when sales come up maybe there can be some higher tier games because on sites like steam games go really cheap during sales, I would love to see titles such as Borderlands and others that go for pretty cheap on sale.


I’m kind of shocked that nobody has mentioned Black Mesa yet. Great game with great developers, and I’m fairly sure that they’d be co-operative in getting a sale going.


Valve probably won’t let someone sell their games.