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Suggestion Games to add


We’re big fans of Nuclear Throne, definitely would love to feature it at some point. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to seem too impatient but do you know when? I wanted to get it soon, and just thought of checking if you guys will do it, because you give such great deals. Got Insurgency from you guys, best value for $2!!!


We haven’t worked out a deal for it yet, so unfortunately no date yet. If you see it on sale in the near future go ahead and pick it up!


Now that Day of Infamy is in beta, are you guys thinking of adding a deal for that game? Or do you guys consider more developed games / games that have had a bit of time to sell at original price?


We definitely consider games that are still in Early Access, but it can make securing a deal with the developer/publisher more difficult. We’ll definitely see about Day of Infamy!


Just watched vgdunkey’s most recent video. Lisa looks like a great game!


I’ve missed this deal: Table Top Racing: World Tour - Bundle - 12/20/16 - $6.50.
Is there information about resale of games?


Dang, sorry you missed it! We don’t currently have any plans to re-feature Table Top Racing, but it’s definitely possible that we’ll do so in the future.


Is there a way to find out what games have been sold before?
I’d like to suggest some good games but I dunno if the games have been sold already.


Sure is! Check out for a list of all the games we’ve sold. :slight_smile:


You can also use the search bar, which is generally quicker than scrolling through all the games.


The Binding of Isaac Rebirth would be a great game to have. :slight_smile:


Totally agree! :wink:


CrossCode is a very nice game still in development and available in early access.
I also suggest Move or Die.
I can recommend both of them.


Big fans of Move or Die! We’ll take a look at CrosCode, thanks!


I just registered so idk if there are any sorts of guidelines for these but how about killing floor, or killing floor 2 if at all possible? Other ideas I have are the torchlight games, sonic and allstars rasing transformed or one of the orcs must die games


All great suggestions! We’ve made some steps to feature a couple of those in the future and we’d love to get to all of them eventually.


My Ultimate Suggestion List:

Some games that I love and play personally, that I think could be a great fit here.

Some games that I don’t have but would love to see here, they’re on my personal wishlist :slight_smile:


Ooh, nice list!

We’ve sold several of these games before, but it’s definitely possible that we’ll sell them again in the future. We’ve also reached out or are planning to reach out to many of the other games, so keep an eye out! :slight_smile:


I’d like to suggest Steam Marines ( ) for the Chrono Coin shop. :smile:

Well, I already have the game but it doesn’t hurt to spread the love.