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Suggestion Games to add


any Binding of Isaac,
those games are masterpiece


They‘ve been out long enough and maybe if the Bumbo game comes out they could make it a promotional deal.


Wand Wars please. Such a great game that no one’s heard of. Deserves the spotlight for sure.


Siralim 3 for the coin shop please


That game was released a few months ago. Be realistic, mate.


Would be cool to have more multiplayer games in the store, if possible. We’re a great community here, and I’d love to play with some of the fine people here.

Here’s some games I already have, and which I think would be fun to play with others from the community. Most of these are fairly old and I’m sure many members own at least half of these.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes 2
Dead by Daylight
Dino D-Day
Duck Game
Golf It!
Just Cause 2 (to then get the Multiplayer Mod of course)
Mount & Blade Warband
Natural Selection 2
Primal Carnage
Red Faction Guerrilla
Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodge Ball
Sniper Elite V2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the far superior original, of course)
Stronghold Crusader HD
The Forest
Total War Empire
Total War Napoleon
Total War Shogun 2


still waiting for Star Citizen btw


btw golf it was already in the coin store


I have to pipe up with the opposing view here, because I think asking for multiplayer games is a bad idea and would be interested about the consensus opinion on that.

The reason I think that multiplayer games should be under represented is because of the types of games that are on offer in the coin shop and how that would translate to MP games. A multiplayer game that appeared in the coin shop is likely to be a) appearing to promote the soon to be released follow up b) in possession of a flagging or dead playerbase c) a new indie game without a playerbase
For example -

It’s unlikely that anything that might be appropriate for the coin shop is going to have a decent population of people playing it.


It’s a shame there are so many good multiplayer games that are abandoned by now, the market is just oversaturated and there are far too many big multiplayer games (like Overwatch, CSGO, Battlefield, CoD etc etc) out there. Also it really sucks that most multiplayer games these days don’t have an option to play with bots any more, so those games are basically dead a year after release.
So what I would like most, would be games that offer some way of playing alone or with a few friends (like Chivalry with bots or Red Faction Guerrilla with its story mode).
Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to spend their coins on dead games they can do nothing with, and I trust in the nice people managing this site to properly pick out appropriate games for the shop.

Oh and PS: Sorry for not checking which games were already in the coin store, I just went through my multiplayer game folder on my PC and listed all Steam games that I thought might be appropriate.


Since Berseria was added:

To make sure I have something I would buy (I have all of the others above, just recommend):

And the all of this series:


ShellShock Live


I’d likely be tempted by any of the Siralim games, I have number 2 on mobile, and have thought about getting a Steam copy as well.
Idk, the only thing I’ve gotten so far from it is Star Vikings, but I like being surprised by new additions.


Just add more games each 2 weeks. One game in 2 weeks which are sold out after 6 hours is completely stupid.


@marsHm311oW I don’t think it’s ever just 1 game added recently. I could be wrong, but I can’t think of the last time it’s just been one. Was Earthfall by itself maybe?


There’s never been just one addition unless it was a bonus on top of the regular games.


doesn’t matter dude; it’s completely stupid regardless…


Well if you havent noticed a trend yet games they add to coin shop are pretty cheap or bad so dont expect anything like the ones you mentioned :slight_smile:


how often do coin games become sold out within 6hrs? :confused: Even if it was often, heck, the games are basically free. Thank you, Chorno, woo!! :smiley:

Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:t4:


was my understanding this was just to suggest games in general, not specifically for the coin shop.