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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



:game_die: 1


I guess it’s my turn to be a GM then! I’ll come back with a word soon. Stay tuned!


Alright guys, round 10 is starting right know.

The mystery word : /vZkBAOrwERMLK8U2OryyA==

Please make the questions and guesses in a format like this:

Q: is it something scatological?
G: feces

Hint : The word is not related to poop, sorry @M00 :joy:



Q: Is it alive?

Bet 8.


No, it’s not.


Bet: 10


Guess: zombie


Good try but that’s not the MW.


@FacuBlues Q: Is man made?





Q: Is it something best (safely) used by professionals?


No, most people use this.


Zombies are technically undead which makes them somewhat alive.


Q: Can a person wear it? (e.g. clothing, protection, perfume, snazzy bling covid19 face mask).


im talking about the ones with a bullet in their head

(it also wasnt a real guess, none of my guesses are intended to win, just something funny [arguable ofc] and random that pops up in my head)


Well, you technically could but it would be weird. That’s not its purpose. So the answer would be yes but not really :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Summary :

  • It’s not Alive.
  • It’s man made.
  • You don’t need to be a professional to use it (Most people use it)
  • It’s not something that you would usually wear, that’s not its purpose.

Incorrect guesses : Zombie


How would you wear a zombie even in unusual … you know what, never mind. We need more questions here though.


Guess: knife
Q: Is it mostly made from metal?


No, it’s not a knife.

No, it’s not made from metal at all.