Still Searching #1 - Round #10

Let’s play a game.

The game is divided into rounds.
The goal of each round is for the players to guess the round’s mystery word (MW).
Each round will have a game master (GM), who runs the game for other players - according to the rules below.
The winner of each round (player who guessed the round’s MW correctly) has the right to become the new GM.
The GM - who successfully conducts a full round - receives a prize from the pot.

Round Setup
At the beginning of each round, the GM:
– Selects a mystery word (MW) of his choice (English only).
– Encrypts the MW
– Announces that the new round has begun (posts the announcement including the encrypted MW).

Round Rules
To discover what the MW is, the players can:
– post photos
– ask questions
– take guesses

When a player posts a photo, the GM states whether the MW is visible in it or not.
When a player asks a question regarding the MW, the GM answers it.

Each player can either post one photo or ask one question (per round).
Each player can take one guess (per round) at what the MW is.

Players can post their photos / questions / guesses at any time.

Yes/No questions only.

Please clearly mark all your questions (QUESTION: …), guesses (GUESS: …), and photos (PHOTO: …) which should be addressed by the GM per rules above.

Only the questions concerning the MW are limited.

A guess is considered correct only whet it exactly matches the encrypted MW (save for letter casing).

The round ends when the right guess is announced by the GM.

Round End
At the end of each round:
– The GM posts the announcement (indicating the winner and providing the MW encryption / decryption method to be verified by the players)
– The GM receives a prize of up to three games of his choice (from the pot). Please PM me the list.
– The winner (player who guessed the MW correctly) becomes the new GM (for the next round).

The new GM begins his rule and kicks off a new round.

If the winner does not wish to become the new GM, he has the right to nominate a new GM.

Selecting GM for the first round:
The GM for the first round will be selected at random by a discobot’s dice roll.
If you wish to be part of the roll, please post “GM candidate #X” (X being the first free number, counting from 1).
The 7th GM candidate calls discobot to roll the dice - (at)discobot roll 1d7 - thus the GM # is selected. The first round begins.

For MW encryption the GM can use any verifiable method resistant to dictionary attacks and brute forcing, or use this online tool: Best Online Encrypt Decrypt Tool (Select a random Algorithm, a random Mode, and enter a random string of characters as the Key. Save those three somewhere, you’ll need to reveal them at the end of the round.)

Anything not covered by the rules above is subject to GM’s ruling.
There are no entry requirements. I reserve the right to ban anyone from this thread.

At the beginning of each round any player can bet on the number of QUESTIONS which will be posted before the correct MW guess is posted.

No more bets are taken after (whichever comes first):
– The third QUESTION has been posted
– 24 hours have passed from the GM’s new round announcement

PHOTOS are equivalent to QUESTIONS - they add to the total number of QUESTIONS counted.
Bet editing is not allowed. If you want to change your bet, delete the original and post a new one.
Please mark your bets clearly by posting BET: #

The first player who bets on the right number receives one game of his choice (from the pot). Please send me your selection.

At the end of each round a raffle will be held.

Any player - who posts a QUESTION or a PHOTO during the round - enters the raffle.
The GM enters the raffle as well - by default.
At the round’s end, GM assembles all the entries and summons the discobot to pick the raffle winner.

The raffle winner receives one game of his choice (from the pot). Please send me your selection.

Key distribution priority:

  1. GM
  2. Bettor
  3. Raffler

There are two instances of the game running in parallel:
Still Searching - Instance #1
Still Searching - Instance #2

The rules are the same for both instances and the pot is shared between them.
There are no restrictions regarding GM/players overlaps between the instances.

The pot:

Warlock Revenge - it’s a Steam key; itch,io page is just for reference

XCOM 2: Reinforcement Pack is region locked; region unknown; did NOT work in USA, Poland and Sweden (so probably the whole Europe is out); note that LT, LV and EE are part of Steam’s Russia region, so it might work there

Football Manager 2020 and Football Manager 2020 Touch cannot be ordered separately (one key activates both games)

NBA 2K20 is region locked; region unknown; did NOT work in USA and Australia

Already claimed

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Not sure if I would be a proper GM here. English is not my native language so I might mislead others with my wordings from my answers.:joy:


Don’t let it discourage you. An inquisitive mind and analytical reasoning skills are far more important than nativity. You can easily make up for it with extensive employment of English dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.


Uhhh. I’m online at weird times. I’m not sure if I can keep up with checking for replies constantly throughout the day. Is that ok?


but … @Fraggles is the GM, so no one else can be the GM


That’s fine as long as you intend to see the round through, with daily maintenance - preferably.
In case of unforeseen circumstances, a GM handover (with or without a round reset) is possible as well.


The word has to be a thing right?

Also nice idea for a giveaway :slight_smile:


Doing a giveaway in rounds is fun (and its own special kind of omg so tired!), hee hee. Nice idea and selection of titles. Having GMs a great idea, esp. to get around the time zone differences. If you run of willing GM for a slot, give me a ding. Should be online most of the day - not up to doing the usual grocery run today.


Not necessarily. Players can arrive at guessing any type of words through their questions.
Plus I can imagine how the discovery of even the abstract things - such as happiness, time or a disaster could by aided by visualizing them with photos at certain stages of a round.
The game mechanics incentivize GMs not to submit absurdly difficult words, as they receive the prize only after their round is finished:)

Thanks:) The Community regulars are clear candidates and very welcome to assume the roles of GMs.
Especially the little ones not currently tied up hunting nuts;)


That’s a nice giveaway method. I’d like to be a GM candidate. “GM candidate #1


Imma also join as a GM candidate then. “GM candidate #2


@SeekerSupreme Afraid I have to renege on being GM this time - the pain in my back is being unkind under mein ribs as well. Gonna have to spend some time lying down. Tis the suck. I’m really sorry.


Poor, poor thing… no need to be sorry, if this plays out well, you’ll have plenty of rounds of opportunities to become the GM:)
Besides, I don’t think the game will begin today, with so few candidate entries submitted at this point.
Get rest, get well, stay fluffy:)

@FacuBlues, @Loewe233, guys, the “(X being the first free number, counting from 1)” is supposed to be counting consecutive GM candidates, not the posts;)
You are “GM candidate #1” and “GM candidate #2” respectively. Please edit the numbers in your posts accordingly.


Oh sorry I thought you meant that we could choose any number from 1 to 7. Ok then, I’ll edit it now haha.


Also edited my number now.


@Danacscott sorry to hear that, I hope you will feel better, try Voltaren ointment or chilli heat patches, you should find them at supermarkets/stores in the cosmetics section and of course drug stores.

@SeekerSupreme you have the most unique giveaways i’ve seen in a long time, getting more creative each time. keep at it and we’ll end up with a whole D&D universe GA from you :sweat_smile: Cheers.


I dunno about either of those here, :thinking: I do have something I can apply with assistance for the back area. Tried a pain tablet - did zilch. Cheers for the ideas. ^^


Ok! I can definitely say I will be on daily.

GM candidate #3


Alright, I will try my luck as well. GM candidate #4. Let’s keep it rolling.

I have a prob though. What happens if most of the regulars here tried their luck already and still haven’t found the word?


I wouldn’t worry about it. The playerbase is not limited to regulars, anyone can play. It took under two days and less than twenty questions to find the bucket. The leaf didn’t even last four hours:D

In case it happes though, I have a fail safe ready.