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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



LOL! And the Winner of the raffle is @themadmax, again!


Whoo, now that’s RNG for ya! I wouldn’t have thought of shredder as the MW, I was thinking something like a cell phone actually about a day ago


I don’t think it could have been phone because @YQMaoski said its not something you would see in every home and specified it is likely to be found in a home office.

I don’t have a shredder at home, but if I did I would want this one


The manliest of Shredders, haha.

Funny thing about your guess is that I actually thought of the same thing about an hour ago, but went against it (since I thought of it as two words, paper shredder). xD Regardless, glad to see someone else managed to reach the answer.


I did the same and immediately regretted by photocopier guess and even had a shredder in mind. In fact in response to one question they can be mechanical as I’ve even seen some hand scissor shredders for manual use.

Like theseshredder


I am sorry if this was misleading, I have never seen a non-electric shredder.


You weren’t misleading at all because you are right in about 99.9% of cases.


That particular picture depicted an item I have never seen nor used. I can imagine it would give me hand cramps before too long.


Although sold on amazon as scissors for data security, they’re main usefulness happens in kitchens for chopping herbs apparently. That’s neat.


RNGesus Loves You


Oh by the way there is nothing I really want from the games list, I can run another game if you wish, if not we can select someone new for GM.


I will keep participating as long as there’s a game running. :smiley:


Nice round, with good Q/As. The home office bit led me straight to the shredder, but that’s only because a couple of paper pushers are running this thing like crazy down the hall (and are responsible for 99,9% of waste in the office); otherwise I probably wouldn’t thought of it until the end.

@YQMaoski, please send me your picks, I need to deliver them to you before I can proceed to themadmax.

@themadmax, nice positioning! and that was the first winning bet too.

@PeteMcc it’s up to you; if you wish to run it just for fun - go ahead.


I am actually unwell at the moment so maybe best to get someone else to run it. You can pick someone however you wish @SeekerSupreme


Sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon.

So… for the next 24h we’re open for GM candidate submissions.
After 24h any of the candidates can summon discobot to pick the GM for the next round.


Ok, I would like to be a candidate then

GM candidate #1


@PeteMcc, hope you feel better soon.

Thanks! I was looking for a word when I was hot and bothered by the paperwork and I was staring at my own shredder. LOL!

Anyway, here’s my original encryption:


imageoioioioi its my time GM Candidate #2

Adding to the pot


Ok @Donluis524 this is between you and me, let’s see what happens!

@discobot roll 1d2