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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



Summary :

  • It’s not Alive.
  • It’s man made.
  • You don’t need to be a professional to use it (Most people use it)
  • It’s not something that you would usually wear, that’s not its purpose.
  • It’s not made from metal at all.

Incorrect guesses :

  • Zombie
  • Knife

Little hint so we don’t get stuck forever :

  • You would usually find this thing in one room of the house, it would be strange to see it in other places.


@FacuBlues G: Oven ?


Incorrect. (Maybe you guys should look in another room :wink: )


Well i tried


@FacuBlues Q: Is it found in the bathroom?



G: A toilet


No, but the good news is that there’s not too many rooms left to search haha

Oh! You should’ve wait until I answered Luxen’s question. That’s sadly incorrect.


Guess: Bed?



No, but you were pretty close. That’s all what I’m saying :zipper_mouth_face:


Q: is it part of a bed?


Not always because some people don’t use this. But usually, yes, you would see this in most beds.




Spring mattresses have metal in them.

I’m thinking
G: Comforter


Sadly both of your guesses are incorrect… but I guess there are not too much options left, you can do it guys!


@FacuBlues G: Headboard


Sadly incorrect.

One question was if you can wear it and I said that it’s possible but it would be weird to see that. (Fun fact: When I searched for it I found recent pictures of people wearing it at their homes. It was a quarantine trend apparently :rofl: ). I don’t see how you would wear a headboard thought.




@FacuBlues G: Pillow


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!!
I’m surprised that it took so many guesses, I thought it was an easy word :sweat_smile:

Here the algorithm thingy :

And the new quarantine trend :rofl: :


Herm… That is… weird, wearing a pillow, but girls get away with this stuff. I don’t know if guys are doing it too, lol.

I thought pillow but then, nah. Mixed up pillow and cushion in my head too. Soft word. Gratz @PeteMcc