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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



Drats, but I thought I wouldn’t be holding back on my Q or G just so that people can benefit from my mistakes, for once. :smiley:


GM Recap (with small bold correction):

So far:

  • A person can carry it, pretty easily. There are smaller versions of it that fit in just one hand.
    Edit: It can also be quite large in size, for certain uses.
    (Added as I don’t want to be misleading or imprecise.)
  • It is not an animal
  • it is man-made. You could make one out of paper too, rather fast at that
  • it cannot fly. That’s way out of its purpose

Incorrect answers:

  • Micro pig (it is 2 words, invalid guess by @NME1)
  • Boat
  • Ball


@YQMaoski, @Donluis524, @Fraggles, @NME1 The above post is more accurate I think. Cheers.


So It can be something big too after all. Niceee!


@Danacscott G: Wheel?


I’m sorry, it is not a wheel. A word, an action related to wheels applies to the MW though.

Hm. Have you made a wheel out of paper? Never have myself.


@Danacscott I’m just gonna go ahead and guess it. I have a feeling it might be this after all.
if not, oh well. At least it’ll help someone else get it.

Bet: 4

Guess: Origami

They can be big or small and also fit in your hand.
You obviously can’t use them to fly or stay afloat since that (and many other things) are not its purpose.


a circle :joy:



It’s not origami, nor am I sure how quickly you can make them out of paper, even the small ones.

To clarify, you can make MW out of paper too - as in “as well”, not exclusively, which I never meant to imply.

@Donluis524 That wheel won’t be very effective, hee hee.


I suppose it would depend on what the sculpture (and its size) is.
Here’s my question in an attempt to solidify this matter (pun intended).

Question: Can it be made out of clay? (ie. modeling clay, sculpting clay, etc)


No, it cannot be made of clay, unless it’s for ornaments, not actual use.

Suppose you can represent a lot of things as their miniature selves in clay.

When you make the MW out of paper, it can be both decorative and still useful, just not as powerful as when the MW is made out of hardier materials, ah and more elements in its make-up.


Question: Do you own one that sounds like a jet engine?


XD Yes I do


Guess: Fan?


Guess: Is it a fan?


Yes! The answer is “Fan”.

I’m not sure who posted first. O_o


Go by the order they appear on the site?
But I don’t really care to win anything for myself so I’d just have to nominate someone else if I’d win it.


Alright. I’m seeing @dast first. So our new GM is found or can nominate someone else.

Good going on both of you. I was wondering why people were guessing so fast… hm. I tried not to be obvious or misleading.


I’ll start the new round 12 hours later, when I’m online again. I believe you still need to run the end-of-round raffle for them anyway?


Yes, I still need to do the bets bit, etc. See you later. ^^