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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



Because there’s not so much things that you can
easily make out of paper :laughing:

Good round @Danacscott and congrats @dast


Well here we are round’s end, and closest bet was 8 by @FacuBlues, but it only took 6 questions to get us here.

Hope I’m parsing this right:

:game_die: Name Question/Role
1 NME1 Can a person carry it?
2 Donluis524 Is an animal?
3 YQMaoski Is it man-made?
4 FacuBlues Is the MW something with the ability of flying?
5 Luxen Can it be made out of clay?
6 Fraggles Do you own one that sounds like a jet engine?
7 danacscott GM :chipmunk:

@discobot roll 1d7


:game_die: 5


@Luxen wins - again. (Teasing, good-naturedly). ^^

Please let @SeekerSupreme know which prize you would like . Thanks all for playing.

Our MW was a neat little word, 3 letters but such variety in makes.

  • You have those tiny little electric fans that are portable for hot days.
  • As a kid, it was more pleating a single sheet of paper, tucking up the end and fanning like crazy! Progress.
  • Large scale ones can be used to create wind tunnels even.
  • Then you have the normal sized ones, like my jet engine (:sweat_smile:) that are very often in your homes, esp. during Summer heat.

Anyway, here’s my snip of the encryption:

See ya’ll again! :heart:


Ah, how did I not figure that out sooner. :sweat_smile:

I used to have one from college (they’d hand them out to freshmen before the semester began), but it was more of a disc/frisbee when you looked at it, haha. It was a foldable circle covered with some type of glossy cloth that you could put away in a small pouch. I also have one of those folding fans from Club Nintendo and a pedestal fan too.

Thanks for the fun round! I’ll be sure to contact him soon about that. :smiley:


I own i micro pig! his name is jasper! but he is more like a small dog not tea cup pig (because those costs 2000$ and only live 5 years) he is one year old and lives till he turns 15 :smiley:


All I could see was a cute pink nose. ^^ Didn’t know there was a difference in the size and life span of pigs either. You have a big yard for your pet to run around in too, I guess. Hope you get more pictures of the wee one soon.


bro, you think i’m joking, go and buy a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: lottery ticket


Just curious as to whether Jasper is looking forward to his 15th birthday or not? Yikes!


O… k, that was a rather expedited round.

A note for the GMs:
Please be mindful not to disclose more information than necessary to answer the questions which are asked.
Influencing the game in such way affects the entry time frame available for the players, as well as the bets and the raffle’s composition.
I know it might be easy to get carried away when switching roles, but one must resist;)


Sorry for the wait, people. New round starts now.

MW: xv0y5EwuEL5sLv8Bdw==

Put in your bets, ask your questions/photos and make your guesses!


Bet 11


Q: Is it alive?

No. Name Question Answer Bet
1 YQMaoski Is it alive? Yes, it can be alive. 11


Bet : 8


Photo: @dast

No. Name Question Answer Bet
- FacuBlues - - 8
1 YQMaoski Is it alive? Yes, it can be alive. 11
2 Danacscott Photo No, it’s not in that photo. -


@dast Q: Is an animal?

No. Name Question Answer Bet
- FacuBlues - - 8
1 YQMaoski Is it alive? Yes, it can be alive. 11
2 Danacscott Photo No, it’s not in that photo. -
3 Donluis524 Is an animal? No, not by itself. -


Bet: 9



I got so many questions in my head but I cannot ask… Feeling a little like Neo…