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Still Searching #1 - Round #10



Bet: 14


@Danacscott Q: Is an animal?


Not an animal of any kind. Myrr.


Bet 10



Q: Is it man-made?


Bet : 8



Yes it is man-made. You could make one out of paper too, rather fast at that.


Q: Is the MW something with the ability of flying?


I have a feeling this round is going to end rather quickly now… lol


No, it cannot fly. That’s way out of its purpose. That would be bad, O_O

@YQMaoski :thinking:


Well, I had to be sure :rofl:


I have nothing to lose

Guess : Boat


Sorry, the answer is not boat. Nice try though. :smile:


That was going to be my guess, now I gotta think on it. I am curious about it now… haha…

And maybe it won’t end as quickly as I thought.


You both just went on what you could easily make out of paper seemingly forgetting that “most of them can be carried by a person” which I really wouldn’t say applies to most airplanes or boats.


I guess it’s something that is always made of paper then. I thought that but I wanted to guess just for fun :sweat_smile:


Oh I missed that lol





It’s an item that can be easily carried.
It’s not a mini pig (@NME1, your guess is invalid, that’s two words, so you can guess again.)
It is man-made, and can be easily made out of paper.
It is not something with the ability to fly.
It is not a boat.

Guess: Is it a ball?


@Donluis524 LOL So cute… no (Q), so guessing that is a giggle and not a question. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry no, it is not a ball either.