【Steam Winter Sale 2020】



Early access games, huh ? Expect them to take a while to polish the game and squash the bugs before they deliver a complete product. Before you refund you might want to send them a few messages about the bugs so they can improve their games later on. Reminds me of Subnautica: Below Zero.


I’m not sure Scrap Mechanic is, but yea, they probably are. I’ve played tons of early access, some with so many bugs it’ll make your head spin, but these were actually unplayable. xD


Yeah, it’s always a gamble buying games like this, and I usually avoid those unless I notice it’s a “labor of love” and the developers are doing their best to keep the game playable as much as possible.


Nuts. Looks like it would have been good. Mini Ninjas is something I would have loved to try out, but apparently that doesn’t run well either.


These are all the games I bought during the winter sale (except for Darq, That might come in a bundle soon)
I got a bunch of party games since I found some friends that are interested in some steam remote play :slight_smile:
Apart from those I have a lot of cheap (and overlooked imo) games.
Some of you might see the little trend of a lot of Limbo-Like games, that is because I played Limbo and Inside on Epic and loved them so much!
I bought the bundle to give at least a bit of money to the devs en bought a few other games with the same feeling/atmosphere/style (something alike at least).

And yes, I spent way too much money this sale, while my library is feeling more and more like a collection.

PS: I did also buy this game in between somewhere. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1230510/Beyond_Crimson_Stars/


That’s a lot lol. Little Nightmares and Deus are sure to give you some great time. Not sure about the rest.


@Riouz Always jolting how all the smol prices get together to become a big price, lol.


I missed out. I may of gotten a few games gifted, but like with the Autumn sale…I missed out because I am unable to get money on my Steam Wallet. I think I may just clear my wishlist out entirely. It might alleviate the depression this has sharpened some, it might not, but one thing I do know is that no, this does not feel good, seeing all of everyone else’s buys and not being able to partake. Like the one person that shows up to a potluck with blessing cards because they can barely feed themselves once a week. That’s how this makes me feel.


Did steam remove the announcements for games purchased by friends in the activity feed? I’m not getting them anymore.


I don’t know; it’s not something I actually paid any attention to so I couldn’t say.


I’m also not getting the messages, and I like seeing em. xD


Yeah, I posted about this a couple of days into the sale, everyone’s affected.



:thinking: How do i know if you are the real YQMaoski? :joy::rofl: Just kidding dude.


:joy_cat::joy::rofl: Good one! It was a bit of a scare for me, fortunately crisis averted without residual effects.


Hmm I usually use the wishlist just to add any game I might want. I don’t intend to buy all the games on it. Helps with gifting and even if u get games for free in a giveaway or cheap in a bundle you can still keep track of what u get.
Sometimes I buy games not on the wishlist it’s too big and hard to navigate steam wishlists anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t have notifications for it


Telling me. Lately, I go through sometimes and delete stuff, coz I really don’t remember anything about some of the games on there. O_O Stuff I really really want, usually end up on ITAD or GGDeals.

Hm. Backlog is a thing. Soon as I can get my last few compy bits, I want to game more. Playing on potato makes me even more nervous since the last system crash. mew.


For a long time the only way I could buy games from Steam were from selling cards and before that I used Paypal to do so. However, all I could buy were cheap or old games, either on sale or those low budget stuff. I even resorted to “sailing across the seas” to get the games I wanted. But mostly of my games were freebies anyway.

On 2020 thanks to the emergency aid gave by the government due to this horrible virus I could buy a bunch of games that I wanted, even some of those I “downloaded” along the times through some of my mobile apps (I use PIN codes to redeem on my Steam account). Not to mention all the games I got for free through giveaways (Epic Games and this very forums for instance), which helped increased my game libraries to the point I have to keep choosing which game I should play next.

So, don’t lose hope yet: take your time to get the games you want and don’t let these issues get to you. Tough times don’t last forever. Also, not all free games you get are bad or low quality, so you have a chance to get some rough diamonds from the dirt like GTA V.


By the by, when one looks at my Steam Wishlist, one will see that I have a lot of gamedev assets on there, and right now, that’s my focus. In fact, priority #1 for my personal purchases and though any gifts given from any part of my wishlist are accepted, priority #1 from gifts as well.

So yeah; next gift to be given from my wishlist should be one of the numerous VX Ace music packs. Or Time Fantasy. Or DS Pack. :+1:
Yes; all that was on sale this time around and was also during the Autumn sale.
I believe the next big sale for these will be in the Spring. Long wait. VERY.


That’s the spirit. :+1:

Set a goal and stick to it, and yes, the next sale will take a while to arrive - https://steamdb.info/sales/history/


i clicked your link Steam, inside your client