【Steam Winter Sale 2020】



And so it begins…


Feel free to share your findings and discuss this sale here. Here are mine:


Was I too late to see how everything borked this year or did we managed not to bork it?


Im broke again :frowning: still, plenty of wishlisted games to go through now.

@Enki it went better than previous years, servers went poo poo but not for long.

edit/ for those who care about these sort of things, you get to vote on 10 categories for games, you get a card per vote, you get a card for a daily discovery queue, you get a sticker a day during the event at the point shop and I believe you get an extra card per 1 buck spent.


I’ve seen 2 for sure I’d like to get. No issues with Steam so far.

since I missed it that price last time.


Thankfully I stored $60 a few weeks ago just for this. I managed to pick up Nier Automata and Octopath Traveler. I hope they’re as amazing as I have heard! :slight_smile:


Site was pretty slow when I accessed it, and almost unreachable in my phone, not to mention the struggle to add games to the cart.

Good thing it wasn’t hugged to death yet.


Nice sale :slightly_smiling_face: I’m planning to get these, though frankly speaking, this year I bought more games than I played.


Now i must decide from two options. Do I buy games that i’ll never play or buy a path of exile supporter pack? Decisions! Decisions! :rofl:



They pre-borked the servers last weekend instead, things were not working very well friday and saturday for many people.

Looked through the steam awards vote and noticed that only one single game of my nominations made it to the vote.

Helltaker for best soundtrack!


Well this new email layout absolutely SUCKS. I preferred it before where it was a simple list. It’s much easier to just scroll through my actual wishlist now.

I prefer my lists to be consistent. Like alphabetical like it was before. Now it’s just all over the place.


ye, them changing the forum ui, edit/delete button + adding awards to posts was another “genius” design change someone at valve struck up this winter :unamused:


Most of those nominations though… Battlefield 5 in “OUTSTANDING VISUAL STYLE” ?? were they even trying…


In short, no. By their own admission most people were not even trying. You could have thought they’d not try a little more interestingly though.

I mean if you don’t care who wins then why vote for mainstream bs when you could have fun and vote for something stupid or weird instead? I try to make it a point to find an Eroge to vote for the story heavy category.


Probably because everyone who does look for something less mainstream they all vote for completely different games, meanwhile the more mainstream games have a higher likelihood of being heard of and played or just people voting.
I honestly don’t like most of these choices lol but ay


Yes, it’s the majority vs many independent minorities with niche tastes. I don’t think any of the games I voted for have made it to the finals this year (except for Alyx, which I haven’t played yet, but voted for it because I’ve heard of it - and became a part of the mindless major-voting mass by doing so)


I got three of my nominations in there, Terraria, Ori and Helltaker.


I have so many games…Oh, Shinies…:sunglasses:


I got only one of my nominations in there, and it was the most important. Horizon: Zero Dawn. :sunglasses: Truly an outstanding game in many ways.


Oh Steam, you doth try my soul…I go through this every year!

I have TWO people that it is really hard to buy for because they HAVE most of the games…I finally find one…:exploding_head::scream::crazy_face: And then Steam just sits there.