【Steam Winter Sale 2020】



the second is rock mmm alan wake franchise is good games


@spinoute I think Alan Wake still free for the Indiegala Freebies thingie. I loved the game. ^^


Couldn’t agree more. It’s a shame we never had a sequel through all these years.

@Danacscott aren’t you confusing Alan Wake with Adam Wolfe?


I’ve got the collection on both Steam (bought) and Epic (for free). However that’s not Alan Wake which’s for free in Indiegala: it’s actually a hidden objects game which happens to have a lookalike character.


Yes… and it’s Adam Wolfe I enjoyed. Alan Wake I can’t even run. T_T Sowwy.


I still haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet. I got this strange urge to revisit some old games or play some of the stuff in my backlog.


None of the three games I got I can run (I probably could run Demonicon if it weren’t for that stupid launcher), but that’s fine. More reason and motivation (not means though) to upgrade my PC hardware. Until I can do that…

I also want to try to post again, the assets because they should of shown up, but did not.


Really wanna get that Mega Man Legacy collection, but I don’t know how well the ports are. :confused:


i prove the megaman legacy 1 and they did a great job


@Amyrakunejo Think I have RPG Maker XP or 2000, but never had that one. Didn’t look to deep into what makes the various flavour or RPG Maker so different.


I got this on the switch for my SO and me :blush: it’s a really cute game! Fun coop game to chill with

I grabbed:

A fun game to play with friends

And was gifted:


Here’s what i have picked up during the sale:

“What the golf?”: Humorous, but a bit lacking in the controls and really bad GUI.

“There is no game: Wrong dimension”: Really funny during the two first chapters, but tapered off and a bit tedious at times. There’s also a short section with something close to continuous screenshake.

“Depanneur Nocturne”: More experience than game, but cozy.

“Emily is away Too”: Been meaning to pick this up, really liked the first one.

“I am dead”: I think this is a 3d hidden objects game.

“Tales from off-peak city vol. 1”: The original is a short, but free atmospheric exploration game, been looking forward to playing this one. Probably a great soundtrack too.

“Hades”: Only played around 2 hours, but it’s great fun. Feels like a fast paced bastion.

Also been eyeing Horizon Zero Dawn, but it might not run as well as I’d like to on my laptop, also a bit done with open world atm.


Noooo! Don’t say that, you’ll love HZD! :sweat_smile: But yea…your labtop, depending on what it has, might run it on PS4 quality (which is a mix of low and medium).


I have a 1060, according to the internet it will run.
There are varying accounts on how well it runs.

Will probably check it out at some point.


A 1060 (6gb?) should run it fine, yea, but nothing higher than medium I’d say. The game has come a long way, still a bit of stuttering near the Meridian city, but beyond that runs very well.


I have both of those. 2000 and 2003 are roughly the same engine, though the latter has side-view combat and more features. XP is the first engine to introduce scripting, and RGSS (Ruby Game Script System), with VX being the second iteration and VX Ace being the final iteration of RGSS. MV is when they moved from Ruby to JS, and it kinda didn’t go so well…

Yeah; I have 2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, and MV. I don’t have and probably can’t run MZ.
All of these RM engines are also on sale.


Ah. Will give that one a hard miss. JS is so annoying. >.< Good to know and thanks.


They moved to JS for multi-platform support. For games and game development.
Yeah. It just didn’t work as planned, and I’m not sure if MZ can garner any lost traction, even with all the improvements that should of been relegated to MV.


I’m very disappointed. I bought The Infected and Scrap Mechanic, and neither of them work. Scrap Mechanic is far worse, lagging so bad on the menu and then freezing to the point that I cannot play it whenever I start a game. I’m not about to have another GTA-V on my hands where I spend 2 hours trying to get it to work and then not be able to refund them. First refunds on my account…hoping they stand by it. Otherwise I’m out what I consider a lot of money. :sweat:

I’d steer clear of those games if I were you guys, at least for now.



cheap games is posible and good cheers XD