【Steam Winter Sale 2020】



People, start posting your buys and suggestions. :sweat_smile:



everything good


Will probably get this:

Seriously thinking about this:


Being tempted by this once again:

Already bought this (through the Fanatical Nitro bundle):

Already bought:

Completed the FATE collection:


Nothing to post really :smiley: bought two DLCs for Spintires. That’s about it really.


Just made my purchase, did buy

  1. Cube Escape Collection
  2. Wattam
  3. Neversong
  4. Sands of Salzaar
  5. Four Last Things
  6. Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord

I think Steam servers is doing its update thing/time frame, so I got deleted from the activity feed…


Oh NO. Someone just gifted me a 25 US dollar steam wallet. Scary :exploding_head:


Well I’ve already post mine in a previous post, heh.


A bit off topic but after looking up game titles I realised that nintendo switch eshop has a sale too at least in UK and some of the same indie games on steam are cheaper on there than the steam store including one I bought already haha. I haven’t seen them put that many games on sale at once before then again the eshop is slowly being flooded by indie games some being pretty bad. I guess I will have to choose what platform I want to play on unless I want two copies for each (the thing is I don’t even have my switch on me atm so I dunno when I will next be able to play oof). I’ll probs buy the £0.17 one tho lol

Still I plan to get a few more small games in the steam sale this winter one seems to have pretty good prices and I happen to have time to play atm.


Nice! Or you think it was in error?


No. It’s for real.



Yeah, I have some but the last time I made some suggestions I got false flagged; I’m not being traumatized again, so I’ll just say that I had said that RPG Maker assets are on sale and that to list them all would probably crash the forums because there’s OVER TWO THOUSAND ENTRIES ACROSS VX ACE, MV, AND MZ.
This one asset series in particular is really good, but it does require more than just plug and play to utilize. Has been ported to MV and to MZ. https://store.steampowered.com/app/268614/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace__Time_Fantasy/
This resource pack is good for a certain type of RPG, but doesn’t mesh well with all custom made graphics. It is still versatile enough that one can utilize it for a number of differing genres.

Lucky you. I haven’t gotten money on Steam since midsummer.


you re pretty lucky my friend XD


Now that I don’t have student loans, I have a bigger budget to work with so I bought:


@Pylinaer KynSeed. Barely remember it, but think that was one of many good buys. Poor backlog.


i buy my first ones in steam

and https://store.steampowered.com/app/331870/AER_Memories_of_Old/


@cacronia Great picks! A buddy of mine bought Cat Quest a while ago, just to laugh at the funny things they say. ^^


jajajaj i begin a seconds ago and is fun the hystory is funny and the system is easy to learn :sweat_smile:


I’ll add this cat game to my wishlist since I love felines. :smile_cat:

AER is also on my wishlist but since I got it for free on Epic I’ve decided to leave it there.

Edit: I’ve bought it thanks to some cards I sold in the market.


Haven’t made the purchase yet, still holding on to the thought, but these are what on my cart right now.


So far I’ve bought:

The first for my godson and the second for a friend. And this year this is gonna be it for me.