【Steam Winter Sale 2020】



The girl is dedicated. O_O


slight disclaimer, Grim Dawn isn’t exactly a roguelike, it’s an ARPG - suppose you could grant it some roguelike flavour if you play Hardcore mode tho

And Hollow Knight isn’t as such “hard”(later parts are for sure) it’s just about being willing to “practice”, since it basically boils down to pattern recognition/learning a boss’ moves

much fun to be had, in either, i love them both aaa lot :blush:


I see. I’ll have fun with them for sure. :+1:


understatement of the century

if you could, you would’ve married Grim Dawn and kept Hollow Knight as your mistress :joy:


I think I bought Grim Dawn during one of Chronos deals because of that Gnome’s(@Gnuffi) insistent praise.

Don’t tell him I haven’t played it.:pensive:


LOL really ? :smile:

Well I can’t blame them since the game is really good, specially with some mods to help.


i use none of them (they aren’t mods they are tools)
specially item assistant i’d be weary off, it collects user data/system information and sends it to the tool creator (doesn’t tell you about it) - highly recommended to disable that information gathering via some reg edits(i think it was)
^+ it’s (imo) much much better if you play the game “in the beginning” without a stash tool, since it just encourages you to store everything, even trash

Grim Internals can do a lot of stuff, and many people like it, personally i don’t feel you “need” those functions, but moreso i feel they clutter the UI and lowers immersion
Rainbow filter i don’t use because i’ve no trouble “seeing” items, and i’d just get confused with the “weird” coloir scheme it uses now that i’m so used to GD item rarity colours.


I also rather not use mods and tools for a first gameplay but they seem so convenient that I decided to try them out.
Also I’m a legit hoarder so I like to use stash tools while playing such games. I’ve been doing this since Borderlands 2, where I have a bunch of mules, heh. :sweat_smile:

Hmm, so this tool has hidden telemetry. Where is this registry key, since I couldn’t find it on Google. I think I’ll be using GDStash instead, I guess.
Grim Internals is a good tool, in special because of its auto-loot feature, saving me some clicks.
I’ve picked Rainbow Filter for the sake of organization, and it’s been helping me so far.


reason i say don’t use stash tool from the getgo is it can give you some bad habits, (and clutter your endless stash with trash items) - better to “learn” what’s worth keeping and what’s not before diving into them

i would “caution” the use of GDstash, since it also has character editor capability, and some “fall” into it, and then blame the tool/game for ruining their game/enjoyment because they started editing/“cheating”
^if you can keep a cool head and just use it for stashing it’s fine
if you want to use IA and disable telemetry here: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/tool-grim-dawn-item-assistant/30491/301


I see. I’ve been selling items I don’t need anymore or are not useful to me to avoid this from happening.

Thanks for the link. I’ve decided to block it in my firewall using Windows Firewall Control instead to avoid screwing things up.
I’ll be using GDStash mostly for stashing items.


Is it really that fun? I’ve been looking at it for a few months, but I’m a bit skeptical. Hmm.


Yeah, the game is really good. It’s similar to games like Torchlight, Titan Quest, Diablo and others.

Here’s a gameplay:


if you like ARPGs, imo, there is nothing better on the market atm, - i’m having eyes on Last Epoch, and hearing goods things… buuut unfortunately they decided to not take part of the steam winter sale :unamused:

if you liked Diablo2 or Titan Quest, felt D3 a little “lacking” you’ll likely love Grim Dawn. I haven’t played PoE myself so have no reference point on that, but i’m told that if you dislike the heavy emphasis on trading, or are not super enjoying cookie cutter/“fixed meta” builds “make 1 mistake restart over from scratch”, then you’ll possibly find GD more forgiving, varied and interesting
GD doesn’t have seasons or leagues tho, and the traditional endgame is a bit smaller/more limited and simplistic, - and there is no randomization either so you are running the same content in repeat, like in TQ
^the big draw of Grim Dawn is the variation, the huge almost endless varied build potential(while still being viable), so you get to create ton of alt characters trying different approaches out - or ofc just repeat farm cycle endgame like usual

having sunk nearly 3k hours into it (steam lies), for me, it stands the testament of a superb done arpg/diablo-like
i think iirc @Fraggles might disagree slightly on that part and think D2 was still better?? and wasn’t as impressed with Grim Dawn as how i fell madly in love with it


Among ARPGs it’s certainly one of the best out there. By no means better than D2 though, it has a few issues primarily in pacing and structure, it had a tendency to get rather samey at times and there’s a few really sharp differences in how dangerous certain encounters are compared to everything around them.

The difficulty curve is a long plain empty field with a sudden wall where you reach the chapter end fight. There’s very little ramp up you don’t really feel like you’re getting closer to the end of something until you’re there and then you get face stomped because the game didn’t challenge you to get better.


It’s pretty good :slight_smile: i played for 60+ hours and didint snatch any of the additional content yet but i have been planning to play it some more so ,yeah .

@Gnuffi is the real authority on Grim Dawn over here but as just a filfthy casual of this game i can give it a recommendation as well.


I have never played Diablo or Titan Quest, but these sorts of games really interest me. I loved Original Sin to pieces and back, and the top down xRPGs are a hell of a lot of fun due to their dedication to their world building and settings. For $5 I’m definitely gonna have to try and get it before the sale ends, sell some CS:GO stuff. xD


It has nothing in common with Original sin other than camera positioning. They are not the same type of game so don’t buy it with Original sin expectations.


Yea, I know, but that’s the best way I can describe games with this. :sweat_smile: I’m not entirely sure what they are called, so I put in xRPG as a substitute. I initially got interested because someone told me that Grim Dawn shares the same sort of world depth as OS2, which is what truly interests me the most. :slight_smile:


They’re Isometric games, some people also call it top-down, but isn’t exactly the same, isometric has that angle (usually fixed camera) while top-down can be anything that is viewed from the top like a lot old flash games.

This topic here has good examples

In D:OS2 its origins come from Isometric, but you’re free to turn the camera around. It also has the “fully flat” view if you want, I think they call it strategic view or something like that in-game.

And another detail is that, D:OS2 is a ComputerRPG (or ClassicRPG) which is usually slow paced, turn-based and story rich with player choices, while Diablo and its children are ActionRPG, fast paced action and it does have some story and etc, but it’s much more focused on the monster slaying.


RPG Maker asset packs are on sale. Listing all of those would likely crash the forums because that’s over two thousand entries.

I also got two games gifted to me yesterday; I wanna give back but my wallet funds are essentially zeroed out.

So, yeah…will I be sitting this one out like the Autumn Sale? Very likely. I don’t even think I’ll be able to sell gems to earn more wallet funds.