steam Summer Sale (officially) "started"

:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

LMAO, every year this happens :ghost:
oh Steam, when willst thou learn


That’s when you know alright.


They’re never prepared, it’s like blizzard is running the show.

Before the heavy load, I got myself a wishlisted FTL. Then everything went nuts.

hehe things always go nuts, every year, every summer/winter sale without fail lol, well that is steam fail without fail :joy_cat:

It’s my first major seasonal steam sale, so I was surprised at the stuff happening LOL.

They’re past their prime now, you’re probably not gonna get a better deal on something than on other sites unless you buy those newer bundle types that exclude product(s) if you already have something instead of making you pay for everything.

Well their userbase keeps geowing so it’s understandable.

Dont know if anyone had the same, but i finished a queue to get trading cards and I got 13 of them for finishing 1 queue

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yea but took me like 90 mins to get through that 1 queue, so i feel it’s earned :smile_cat:

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it must be ridiculously bugged right now. The second queue didn’t give me anything. But i am happy with it as I can sell the cards while the price is high

lol am i glad you mentioned that, i’m not even gonna try, struggling to get through my 2nd right now
don’t think i’m gonna bother trying/wasting time to complete it just to risk it being bugged then and give 0 when already received a bunch

and woooow those are some uninspiring discounts compared to previous and even regular sales
jezz… what a let down this year (at least for me), 50% discount, yaaaaay, special :unamused:… glad i waited so long for that :rolling_eyes:

well, on the bright side; gonna save more money than i expected (by not buying so much lol)


Don’t know what the sale haters are purchasing (Triple A?), but there are incredible discounts all over the board. Pretty awesome.

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not really if you compare to regular sales or other limited sales, even by steams own records
of an almost 200 game wishlist i have like 3 games with a “higher” discount , most are either identical to other sales, meaning, nothing special, but a bunch are actually even lower than “usual” by steams own “sales”
i invite you to go look up price history if you have any doubts

(and i’m making comparisons based on my wishlist price listings, not their entire catalog)
50% discount aint much to cheer about, not when it’s their standard, and especially not when they have had higher discounts even in recent times


The sale is kind of sad, they’ve all been for a while now to be honest. But part of that is probably us being a little spoiled as well, the flash deal system got us expecting to pick up titles for a wink and a smile and now they’re expecting us to actually pay for these games? What the hell steam?

Most games I’m looking at are under $10 now, even if it’s just a 50% sale and that’s hardly too much to ask for many of those titles. But there are so many games I want though and at that price it adds up very quickly.

So I’m sitting here wanting to buy all the things but then having to pick and chose a few out of those gets me a serious case of choice paralysis. Add to that the fact that I already have way too many games I haven’t even played yet and I’m leaning towards just not buying anything at all.

Still would kind of like Ori though and Pillars of Eternit and Age of Wonders 3 and Wolfenstein the old blood oooh and Invisible inc is actually pretty well discounted and Aragami and… god damnit >_<


yea, flash sales definitely spoiled a generation, ahh those were the days, (you member, i member?:grapes:)
but i’m even just referring to “post refund” sales era, steam had way better deals than these on many games
(granted you are perfectly right, it’s not too much to ask 10bucks for many of these games and wanting something “old” 80% off comes purely from being a cheap arsed bastard, and “spoiled”)
but take something like Old Blood for instance, it’s usual discount is 50%, even was on same sale not but weeks ago,
but 1½’ish months before that we had it at 75% (which i now regret not buying just because hoping for 80+% discount during this sale), why you no do us like that Steam?

but a lot of it stems from (i think) Steam simply not wanting to put any effort into their sales anymore, in regarding to get deals with publishers,
and that’s why for a while you see them running with these exact same discounts over and over, Activision 50% most, Ubisoft 66% on x 50% on others, etc etc etc etc, where before (post flash sale/refund) most of them did 75% on average on “most” titles
(tho Activision always been a 50% stubborn brat with their CoD titles),
but now it’s “infesting” more and more of their titles, and there is no “special” discount or special sales, it’s always the same flat publisher rate 80-90% of the year during most sales,
like as if steam got quoted a set discount “yea you can use this always no need to ask/contact us again for that/more”, and they just took it to heart and not bothered to spend X in trying to get bigger discounts, because getting better deals would probably take more effort or god forbid cut a few percentages off their profits

i don’t blame indie games as much for their 50% “set” discounts, most of them are damn worthy of it, since they are already at low price, and again, and far from all do this either, and don’t feel like i could ask a 1-2 year old indie to do a 90% super deal (but wouldn’t you go absolutely nuts if Ori had? (yes i know technically not indie but still) )

but taking the “age” factor into account, when games get a certain a mount of years on their behind, and suddenly not getting any half decent deals (on steam), i’m gonna get all grumpy and complaint with nostalgia goggles on full board,
“25% discount on Zeus+Posidon are you kidding me, in my day huff di puff hum di hej, used to be… so now most definitely supposed to be AT LEAST 90% hardyhah” :older_man:

yes i’m cheap, and i’m spoiled, but when i see a game going 8/10 times on sale for that same 50-60% price, it doesn’t feel special, just like it’s the “standard” price, and dangit, i expect summer+winter events to be special, (even without flash deals), they used to be
ahh those were the days, everything 75% or better… mmmm tasty

but hey, this year we got stickers, so it’s all good right!?! :ghost:


273 games on my wish list are on sale…Holy Toledo, I only have 350 and something on my wish list. I think I need pizza and beer.


that’s why having rules and setting soft, “hard”, and “this is really it top MAX”, limits is such a good thing :smile_cat:
i managed to stay within mine (for now)…

but then again, this is only day one :scream_cat:

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