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Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)


Hahaha don’t take me so seriously, dude. It’s your money, so I hereby declare I’m cool with whatever you spend it on, as long as it’s legal…

So enjoy your games and lend me your thoughts on Season whenever you get around to playing it (:


Dying light + expansion for 66% off.
It’s a fairly good deal :slight_smile:

Fanatical has football manager as Star deal


I’m getting, Dishonored, and Just Cause 3, tomorrow. There both like the cheapest I have seen.


Good choice.


ps. slight spoiler warning, but Dan Bull:


Heads up for those of you on the fence about getting Dead Cells

Price increase

It should not impact many of you since you likely already own the game. However if you’ve got a friend who is on the fence about buying Dead Cells, please let them know that we’re going to increase the price by $5 just after the end of the summer sale, in anticipation for the release out of early access in August. Thanks!


that bundle’s been very tempting for me… just haven’t pulled the trigger yet…


That bundle is pretty funny, I own everything but Dead Cells in it so the price of each other title is removed, still get a bundle discount, so Dead Cells for 9.59e. Which it might very well be worth, especially if they’re hiking the price later.


I know some of you don’t like RPS, But I do. (Give me some other sites to add to my feeds.) They have some good suggestions, But the one that surprised me the most was the LAST ONE!!! Immortal Defense is one of my favorite TD’s. Even if you don’t like TDs, this one is different. I don’t want to spoil it for you. Yes, It’s over 10 yrs old…but…GET IT!!! You won’t regret it. It’s a steal right now!

  1. I usually go into the sales with a wishlist in mind. Anything that hasn’t been on my wishlist for at LEAST 2 months is disqualified from me purchasing it so I don’t make gut reactions. This usually keeps me at a pretty low spending rate. (I used a tool to see how much I’ve spent on my Steam library and it came out to 60 dollars a year with me having my account for the past 7 years,)

  2. I do research on past sales at so I know the price I should buy a game at since sometimes a game “goes on sale” but is higher than it was last sale. Keeping this in mind if it goes to the lowest or even lower I pick it up instantly. I’m personally looking at for Firewatch, SteamWorld Heist DLC, and Hollow Knight (which I have gotten on Steam this sale as of now for 4.99, 2.49, and 9.89 for very good deals.)

  3. Hollow Knight. I personally hate 2D platformers but have never played a metrovania before so this should be interesting.

  4. I have store credit on Steam due to family members getting me gift cards for my birthday a little while ago and from selling Steam cards so I tend to purchase directly from Steam unless I’m buying a Humble Bundle.


Please let us know of your opinions regarding this game from someone who is so averse to 2D platformers, I am very curious about whether this will turn your mind around.

This reminds me to perhaps spend a little less… My account is only 7 months old… … I have spent almost 250 on Steam, 200 on Fanatical, 200 on Humble… True numbers are scary… and I have purchased from a few other places too, though not as much. I have only spent about $30 here on Chrono, probably similar amounts at IndieGala. I still get tricked into a bundle here and there on Groupees, etc…

My hobby is getting too expensive… So I will hold off on that bundle above… (I hope I can anyway, I never know what kind of trouble I am going to get myself into.)


Oh yeah, I’m seconding @YQMaoski here. Please do let us know how you get along with this one. Preferably a running commentary over in Recently Played Games . Very curious to hear about this.


I was looking at that too. Too rich for my blood and I KNOW they will eventually end up in bundles…I noticed in my Discovery Queue That they are showing a bunch of OLDER games I had forgotten all about. Most of them were in bundles but, at the time< I couldn’t spend. So now they are being followed by me…so I will see the sales.

Sometimes…you just need to wait…:hushed:


This surprises me as this game has already increased in price during its EA once before. I guess this means I’ll buy it now during the sales then cuz that means that it’s actually more than 50% off right now if u count the increase…


The game is easy 30$/euro material if you ask me … 200+ hours and going.


it’s not completely uncommon for ea games to go through a couple of price stages during various development/content cycles while in ea and/or then (again) when nearing “release”

that being said, it was already on my “probably, summer’s list” :thinking:, with this announcement+the fact the Fanatical 10% voucher is applicable for Dead Cells, there :grin:
-i could find little to no reason to not pick it up now; for what i’m sure is an absolute steal at 11$ :blush:

:+1: :hugs:


The steam bundle is still cheaper. if you already have the other games and if you don’t then you probably want those games anyway. They’re good games.


y this game has been on my wishlist forever and i kept waiting and hoping we’d get a better deal, and i guess this will be the best one for a while (on steam that is), so y, i just bought it, lol


i don’t doubt that, but since i’m not overly eager to acquire them now, even if i’m sure they are worth the current asking price, i’m saving 14€ by only getting Dead Cells :wink: -will have to wait and see when i’d be keen enough for sundered to a "spur of the moment"purchase that disregards my “cheapskate’ness” :smile:


y same here, i probably want to buy salt and sanctuary somewhere down the line (Sundered i guess not too much) but I should be able to get it at 50% or more off again i imagine