Steam Summer Sale (Anticipation and Good Deals)

And it has started:

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Since everyone is sitting by the computer waiting eagerly by the computer with our wallets ready, waiting for the magical refresh, waiting for some strange notification or email, and waiting for the sale to overload the site and cause temporary delays…

I thought to pose a few questions regarding sales and game buying habits. If anything approaches topics/subjects too personal, feel free to ignore.

  1. Do you have a specific budget that you have in mind going into the sale? If there are too many good deals, are you going to cut yourself short or are you planning to go all out and buy everything you think you might want to play in the next 6 months before this cycle refreshes? Or do you have a hard line, at which point you decide enough is enough. If so, is this hard cut off predetermined prior to the sale? Or you decided it after the sale began and you didn’t want to destroy your bank account altogether?

  2. Do you have specific games that you are hoping to see on sale, and looking to buy? Are these games newer or older? And what kind of a discount would amount to no-questions-asked type of purchase?

  3. Are you planning to buy any games outside of your usual comfort playing zone? Anyone looking for deals for games because they are unsure that they would like, but the Steam trailer or ratings are so high that you feel almost obligated to try them out? If so, what genres and what games. For these games that are outside of your comfort zones, what kind of sales would persuade you to make that purchase?

  4. With the Summer Sale, of course there are other sites with sales too. Are you more likely to purchase directly from Steam or off site and activate with a key? Do you have stronger ties to other third-party retailers? If so, why do you choose them? And is there any of the popular sites that you would advise not using? I use mostly Humble, Fanatical, and Steam primarily. Other sites I use rarely are IndieGala and DIG. I really don’t have accounts anywhere else.

  5. Of course after the sale starts, I hope we can share all of the good deals and finds with each other, whether that be here, or the other Must Play Games While On Sale Thread is reasonable too.

That’s all for the questions now. These are things that have been running through my mind. As of right now, I still haven’t finalized my Steam Summer Sale budget yet, and I am afraid that I will go way over because of my trigger-happy tendencies. I am hoping to keep some semblance of sanity and reason.

I am usually quite compulsive, if I see something I like, I will jump in head first, not always best practice. Let me know how your minds work, since I am clearly not in control. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from you all and help strengthen my own resolve, or fall apart to my own gluttony!

Thank you all in advance! :smile::blush:

  1. Yes, I have a tight budget. Around 20 BRL, only. Right now that should be around 6 USD. I’m trying to save money. This has been decided some time ago, since I need enough money to travel around my state – São Paulo – to do an upcoming job that involves meeting clients in person. Also, my backlog is too big as it is.

  2. I have specific games I’m looking for. I’ll only buy games that either are my wishlist’s top 100 or have big discounts (all-time lows and 60%+ offs). Specifically, I really want Minit and SPACEPLAN.

  3. No, I’m only buying things I’m 100% sure I’m going to enjoy lotses. I gave up on being persuaded by other people’s ideas of “masterpieces” – and overused word – quite some time ago.

  4. Directly from Steam because regional pricing. I also love GOG and bought BRL 10 worth of games there for Sunless Sea.

  5. Sure. If I see anything extra cool I’ll let you peeps know. :blush:

  1. each year i have a “budget”, certain circumstances can make it fluctuate, like if i’ve spent an obscene amount of money on games already, but usually i put around 100€ in the “available funds” category for the summer sale or winter sale, -and i try to stick to it as best as possible with an aim to go below

  2. I’d prefer some games over others, but also have reasonable expectations that those games wont see the discounts i’m hoping for, being too good quality for the bargain bin section. Otherwise i browse the top discounts/“new highest discount” games i might be interested in

  3. depends on the game, usually during summer sale it’s more of a calculation scenario, and those games that’s outside my usual zone, are probably more in the spur of the moment category anyway, unless the discount is massive enough to just make me grab it for the heck of it

  4. Price is everything, no reason for me to pay 2€ more if i can get the same cheaper elsewhere without being a "grey"market site!. So i use my ITAD settings to keep me informed of where a game my be on sale the best, adding in vouchers when places like greenmangaming has it, and see what comes out the best in the end. If a price is equal or close enough, i just use steam since that’s more convenient.
    I don’t use gamersgate tho, because their currency display bs piss me off on more than one occasion where ITAD scrapes X deal/price/discount, just to visit and have it be more expensive because they don’t actually charge in the currency i got displayed/calculated on my ITAD + they apparently don’t accept cc despite claiming so, only via paypal, so fck them and their customer service and everything (just poor experience on my part)
    But i happily use anything from GoG, Humble, Fanatical, Wingamestore, Greenmangaming, Gamebillet, Gamesplanet, etc wherever the price is right with official keys. Haven’t done the Razer store yet, because every time i look their prices are just meh, and their “trick offerings” doesn’t appeal to me with their fine print :man_shrugging:

i probably forgot a ton :thinking: :smile:

  1. My budget is don’t.
  2. Ringed city DLC for Dark souls 3. Hoping it sees some sort of discount.
  3. Gaming is my comfort zone, I don’t think there’s any type of game I have not at some point tried out. So no, I think?
  4. Definitely prefer staying away from 3rd party sites for steam keys. But if it’s available on GOG I’ll pick that over steam
  5. uh, yeah sure. Don’t we always?

My budget is Portal, and Portal 2

You know

Probably not.

If it’s cheaper why not :man_shrugging:

  1. Usually I limit to 100 BRL during the sales, around 25 USD.

  2. I always take a look at my wishlist to see the deals I get over there. 50% is the minimun value, but sometimes if it’s a game I’m highly interested, it can be a bit lower discount.

  3. I’m not like that, that’s why I prefer to look for the deals on my wishlist rather than Steam’s store front. I spend enough time going through all the pointless games in the released section just to filter what matters to me. The rare cases are some old games that I missed.

  4. Well, when Steam is usually the only site that provide fair deals for my currency, it’s kinda hard to fish other sites deals, Nuuvem is one of the local retailers that I never really got into. I tend to keep everything in one place, but GOG is the only competition I see that offer fair deals as well.

  5. Perhaps!

  1. For this sale I have a limit of 20 dollars, cause I spent the rest on other things… :frowning: however, I am hopeful that I can trade away a fair number of my keys to make up for the 20 dollar limit and hopefully get the lions share of my wishlist purchased.

  2. I am looking to get the games off my wishlist, and I generally don’t stoop lower than 75% on a ‘full priced game’ but if it is cheaper than $10 at base price I am sometimes more lenient.

  3. I do have a few games on my wishlist that are interesting to me, but I generally leave humblebundle purchases and traded keys to get games outside my comfort zone.

  4. I don’t typically buy elsewhere, but I do try to keep a lookout for a good rate (unfortunately there is often very limited difference).

  5. I will be sure to do so!


Looks like the fun has started!



yup, it just aint a steam summer sale without :rofl:


I made a thing.

Such a good summer sale.

I can’t even.



Page taking astronomical times to load. Check
Errors all around. Check
Where are my deals? Check
Sale minigame doesn’t load correctly. Check

Ah, the good 'ol first day :rofl:


lol both my steam client and browser have crawled to a halt, i can’t even create :smile:

10minutes, and i’m note even halfway through the first round of my discovery queue :rofl:


Seems that you can open the mistery box now, but I advise against it. Let the storm pass first to avoid any errors, I got an error just by accessing my inventory. :ok_hand:


I just completed a round of the game and then it crashed >:


e v e r y
y e a r
w i t h o u t
f a i l

*fallout guy voice “Valve, Valve never changes” :laughing:
so funny, every year, and they never learn to account for/handle the flood :smile:



I did, and ‘underwhelming’ describes what i feel about it…


Of course, but then again what are you really expecting them to do? Increase their server capacity by 3000% so that they can handle the first hour spike rush 3 times a year?

Even if they could easily scale up and down to only have that capacity for the short duration it’s needed it’d still be kind of unnecessary work and there’d still have to be server power free in farms all over the world. It’s clearly better to just leave it, people can wait a few hours. Sure I’d also like it if everything worked flawlessly at all moments in time but it’s not really a realistic expectation.


Wishlist finally loaded. Saw Minit on sale for $2.49 (75% off). Added to cart. Can’t get back to wishlist. Will check back later after the insanity has died down.


can someone please tell me the keybinds :thinking: ?, coz i can’t find the “options menu” anywhere to see which buttons i need to press, i and feel like i’m running out of keyboard keys to press that doesn’t just affect my general browser behavior :dizzy_face:

-nvm, was pressing the wrong button :joy: